Map: A map you rarely see: Mussolini’s Italian Empire (in Africa) in WW2: My Thoughts on Mussolini’s war & the stupidity of Whites in Africa

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I have done a bit of study of Mussolini’s moves, especially in Africa. Mussolini was Hitler’s most important ally, along with the Japanese, but as Leon Degrelle pointed out, Mussolini caused a lot of problems for the Germans. It is clear to me that Mussolini was nowhere close to Hitler when it came to his appreciation of military matters. Hitler was far, far superior to Mussolini in ALL his military thinking. But I was very surprised to see that Goering, and some of the German Generals pointed out that there was a good side to the Italian’s invading Africa. One of the sad things I must tell you, from a South African point of view, is that South Africa played the biggest role in destroying the Italians and chasing them out of Africa. I’m sure that most Boere-Afrikaners alive today, sure would wish we had NOT done that. That was a really dumb move. The South Africans also chased the Germans out of Africa in two countries. Again, weren’t we destroying ourselves? And the Rhodesians were no better. The Rhodesians did Rothschild/Freemason work for the British against the Boers, and then later worked so utterly loyally with the two-faced British fighting “communism” and then the British led the White Rhodesians up the ally and dumped them in some hot water, where the Boere-Afrikaners and the Portuguese and the French became their best friends. We Whites have all made many mistakes. And among our worst mistakes was to fight other Whites. Consider that Napoleon would have regained control of France if it wasn’t for the German Blucher, and his Prussians clinching the deal at Waterloo … and the Jews had a huge victory, which allowed the Rothschilds to BUY AND OWN BRITAIN, and for the French to finally sink downwards with Napoleon gone. Well, we dumbassed Whites in Africa literally cut our own throats by fighting the Italians and the Germans. We literally slit our own throats. Just a few short decades later we would be needing Germans and Italians … and yet we put a nail in their coffins! Just ponder the utter stupidity of that!

What has also made me think more of Africa were some ideas that Goering and some German generals had about Germany going southwards. They were thinking like the Romans, about the Mediterranean being owned, on all sides by Europeans. I had always thought that maybe, the Italian moves into Africa were not such a good idea, however the German General, Guderian has caused me a total rethink. In some respects, he was thinking along the same lines as Napoleon about driving the British out of Egypt.

My current thinking about Mussolini is this: That Mussolini’s wars in Africa were not bad at all. What Mussolini did do which was really stupid, totally needless and very bad was to fight Whites in Europe, primarily his invasion of Greece. His invasion of Greece was his utterly dumbest, worst move. There is another little White nation next to it, which he also should not have attacked. But what he did in Africa, all-round was good, and it’s sad that we Whites in Africa helped to destroy what the Italians did. We certainly lived to regret it. We would have been so much better off if the Germans and the Italians had been left alone in Africa.

So look at this map of the Italian Empire in Africa, and WEEP. We needlessly fought our brothers at the behest of the ever stupid Judaized British (owned by the Rothschilds), and in the end, we all came our losers, including those utterly idiotic British. If Somaliland, for example, had remained in the hands of the Italians, they at least would have fought for it, and defended it, unlike the worthless British who ran away and gave everything up.


Anyhow, look at Mussolini’s Empire in Africa and weep:-

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