Kenneth Humphreys: Jesus Never Existed … – Were Jesus & Hitler similar?


[When chatting to some Christians the other day, who are in our movement, one of them compared Jesus's motives to those of Hitler. I had to differ. There is no way in hell that you can compare Jesus and Hitler. These are 2 very different characters, with almost diametrically opposite views. I decided to remind the Christians that we know Hitler was a real person, but that there is no proof that Jesus was actually a real person. So I pointed them to the website: Jesus Never Existed. This is a website run by a British academic. My Boer Pagan pal, who was a missile engineer gave me a copy of the book: Jesus Never Existed. And I watched several videos of Humphreys discussing verses in the Bible. He's exceptionally knowledgeable. I urge people to take a look at his work. He's very good. Here's the URL below. Jan]

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