Anders Breivik was RIGHT: The Hideous, Treasonous White Presidents of the Western World…


I was reading a story about how in Denmark, they want to put an end to the hideous Jewish practise of circumcision, which really has no place in white society. Then up pops the female president of the country and she is opposed to stopping circumcision. I did not know Denmark had a female president.

The most hideous witch of all, must surely be the President of New Zealand. That woman is a piece of crap. And, she is praised around the world MADLY. I strongly suspect she and the Jews are very close, along with any other Liberal crap that exists out there.

Then you have other high ranking white women in Europe who are Ministers of Defence.

My own experiences and views of white women promoted to high positions here in SA was that they will sell out their own kind easily. Women are too weak and too easily controlled by peer pressure.

Anders Breivik wanted to assassinate the female president of Norway. He actually wanted to behead her and film it and upload it to youtube.

Breivik, in his manifesto, wrote about the evils of feminism.

Feminism also destroys the family and destroys our ability to breed. Finally, feminism takes intelligent white women out of the breeding pool and the end result is that the IQ of our race is dropping.

When I think about what feminism has done and is doing to white women it’s a disaster. And of course JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS… invented this hideous concept.

I must tell you, these white presidents are a huge disaster and they are very likely to destroy their own nations and people. They are so easily turned against their own people. It’s unreal really.

All I will say is that Breivik was right on this issue. So damned right and he was way ahead of his time in pointing this out.


There is not a single one on the planet running any country who will defend his race. Not one.

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