Jews using White women against White men: MGTOW – Extreme Sexual frustration & anger of White Males


I posted this on the social media. This is an important topic and it creates an anger among white men, especially in America that is very intense. They are so angry with their women:

Jews have ALWAYS been turning our women against us first. So many women, even in SA, the majority, are “Liberal”. They use women a lot against us. Ergo MGTOW … the sexual frustration and fury of the white male. I feel sorry for men, especially the young guys. The Jewish hags successfully fucked up a lot of our women. We need to get them back. The white male faces MANY PROBLEMS. But he must fight for every inch of what he wants … without giving quarter.

One thought on “Jews using White women against White men: MGTOW – Extreme Sexual frustration & anger of White Males

  • 24th December 2019 at 11:35 am

    MGTOW is another Jewish created movement , it’s the other side of the coin to their jewish feminism .
    MGTOWS are just as jew mind fucked as their pink haired counterparts, this is just another divide and conquer technique whilst at the same time of fulfilling their doctrine of lower birth rates for white people ensuring our genocide.
    MGTOWs for the most part are guys who have had their lives destroyed by women who are backed by Jewish anti white male laws , yet rather than getting on with their lives find a good woman ( There is still a lot out there , they dont tend to haunt degenerate night clubs and bars ) and continue with the fight for their race and nation , they become bitter beta cucks , sitting in front of their computers with their pants around their ankles wanking off to vile Jewish porn , which really is the perfect outcome for our young men according to jews .
    I got royally fucked over by the jewish system after I split from my first wife , I didn’t sit and wallow in jewish filth , I sorted myself out , got myself in shape and found myself a new wife who has given me two children ,
    Stop being a whining pathetic weak minded effeminate man child bitch , get up like a European man and get on with saving your race and nation.


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