Jews preparing future left-wing antifa terrorists & murderers – Synagogue’s huge fund raiser for antifa thug


[ANTIFA is, in my view a Jewish terrorist army. Here you can see how these Jews give money to an antifa thug. Also, just as weird, the New York chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association was also busy recruiting. Since these events are in New York, I wonder if the Jews have plans to kill “anti-semites” who are particularly troublesome? 

The Jews, in my view, have been preparing for a long time for future civil war and race war in the USA. Here you can see how this race of filth goes about its business quite openly. This is the same as the Jews in South Africa when they were helping and guiding the black communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. Jews set the scene for the future blood shed. 
Mark my words, blood will yet run in the USA in the decades to come. Jews tear anything apart. Where-ever this race of shit live, you will see the blood run. It always does. Jan]

With all of the talk of Jews continuing to vote Democrat in this country, this is way over the line.

There is political preference and there is evil.

This is evil.

A fundraiser for a convicted Antifa felon?


First some background on a 32 year old man who violently attacked a Trump supporter who was almost twice his age…

From The NY Post:

An Antifa street thug was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in prison for the beatdown of a Trump supporter after a right-wing event at a Manhattan club.

David Campbell, 32, pleaded guilty in September to two counts of felony assault for pummeling a 56-year-old man as he left A Night for Freedom party organized by conservative activist Mike Cernovich.

Manhattan prosecutors say that Campbell followed the victim from the Hell’s Kitchen venue Jan. 20, 2018, and punched and choked him. Campbell was one of about 80 Antifa protesters demonstrating outside the event.

Cernovich told The Post after Campbell took a plea deal, “Now that the criminal case is closed, I will also be taking legal action against Mr. Campbell and his confederates. It is time to find out who is funding Antifa.”

From National Justice:

Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be hosting one of the largest gatherings of “antifa” in New York City in recent memory this Saturday.

The event is being headlined by “antifa” punk band (A) Truth, whose lead singer and drummer Christian Erazo also runs its sponsors “EastRev” (an anarchist punk record label) and “Brigada 71,” a soccer hooligan gang affiliated with the New York Cosmos.

Organizations set to make official appearances include Marisa Holmes’ Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) and “antifa” prisoner support group NY Anarchist Black Cross (NYABC), whose members are based out of Bushwick and Brighton Beach.

Interestingly, a New York chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association will also be recruiting. Draconian laws in NYC make it almost impossible to own any kind of firearm. The SRA is a communist militia group that gained notoriety after it emerged that the Dayton mass shooter, Connor Betts, was an active member.

The groups are coming together to raise money for left-wing extremist David Campbell, who was sentenced last October to 18 months in prison for a brutal unprovoked 2018 assault against a middle aged man attending a Trump-themed event in Manhattan.

The decision of a Synagogue to invite soccer hooligans to host an “antifa” punk rock concert featuring bands with lyrics calling for terrorism and murder to raise money for a violent criminal makes their claims of feeling unsafe suspect, to say the least. None of the organizations involved are hiding what they’re about.


2 thoughts on “Jews preparing future left-wing antifa terrorists & murderers – Synagogue’s huge fund raiser for antifa thug

  • 27th January 2020 at 4:25 pm

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  • 27th January 2020 at 4:18 pm

    Urgent info wanted on Jan Lamprecht is he Jewish. Linde hates Christianity and we need to find his financial statements and sponsors. Any info very important as Jews always wear a mask. Jews always have one modus operandi and that bis the destruction of the church. Lamprecht is good at hiding his true agenda the destruction of the church. Please if you see his operations for a while you too will suspect there is a divider amongst us and he is an Antichrist. Who funds this man where is his money coming from in the USA.


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