Are Jewish scum deliberately trying to destroy German scientific advance?


A good German friend of mine sent me a fascinating article. But what struck me, when I read the article was the ending paragraph. When translated into English:

The irrationalists, who have Germany under control, have obviously decided to gradually destroy the country with their hostility to technology. But don’t be afraid: Gender and queer studies and the activists from Antifa and FFF will, of course, bring Germany out of the valley when there is a need and restore prosperity with new inventions and future technologies.

If you have other examples of future technologies that cannot be found in Germany, there is space in the comment section to present them.

In the above it speaks of the “irrationalists” who have Germany under control and they are trying to destroy the country with a hostility to technology. It lashes out at gender and queer studies, Antifa, etc. This sounds to me like a sane, furious German.

Yes, my German brothers … the F*cking Jews are trying to keep you DOWN and f*ck you… like they’re doing to us in South Africa, America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all of Europe!!!

Just the other day when I had a chance to chat to a top Jew here in South Africa, and I observed the Jews, and listened to them repeating the endless bloody holocaust BS. I tell you, this race of shit definitely keep their GREATEST HATRED for the whites who live in Europe. They can NEVER stop talking about Europe and how “badly” it has treated them. Of course Europe is not treating them badly. In fact, Europe has bent over backwards for them. But no sane person can deal with Jews for 2,400 years.

I am pleased to see this German anger … and I did not find it on some NAZI site. I actually found it on a SCIENTIFIC SITE.

I am glad to see there is anger and life in some clever Germans who are interested in technology and science. That delights me. We, the people of European descent, need to find ways to co-operate together and sharpen up all our tools especially our science and technology. We have some bloody ENEMIES to take care of!


Sieg Heil to my German brothers and sisters!

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