Jews and Russians: Anti-Racist Russia? – Russian Law bans Racist Adverts – reads like S.African Hate Speech Law


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I spotted this in a Russian Times article. It is about keeping Russia multi-ethnic. Russia is made up of 190 ethnicities. But when you read Russian Law, it reads EXACTLY like the Hate Speech Bill that has just gone down here in South Africa. You can check everything at the source link below. It is about "racist adverts for Slavs" being banned by a Russian court. It reads: "Any such hiring policy adopted by employers posting job ads containing racial requirements on public websites can be considered “illegal and criminally punishable,” according to the court. Article 136 of the Russian Criminal Code provides for penalizing any discrimination against citizens because of their “gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, beliefs, membership in public associations or social groups,” by individuals “using their official position.” – The wording of article 136 of Russian Law is virtually identical to the wording of the hate speech law in South Africa. Here’s the source link:

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