(Jewish) Germany: Today is DAY 15 of Monika’s loss of freedom – FREE MONIKA SCHAEFER!

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[Arthur Topham came out 2 days ago with the latest information from Monika’s brother Alfred. Monika is still in a maximum security prison in Germany. You would think that maybe serial killers and bombers get into maximum security jails, but if you whisper a few words about the sacred Jewish holocaust LIE then it lands you there. Jewish-owned Germany is a dangerous place for someone who is trying to tell the truth. The truth is not allowed where-ever the Jews are in control.

I read Alfred’s statement about Paul Craig Roberts. I’m so sick to death of the “Anglo-American-Jewish” bullshit version of history and junk interpretation of what’s going on in the world. I’m in agreement with Alfred that people like these are really traitors, RACE TRAITORS ACTUALLY. Jan]

Dear supporters of Monika Schaefer and Free Speech,

Yesterday we got a phone call from a “Social Worker” in the Stadelheim prison who is responsible for Monika. She only conveyed to us Monika’s concern for getting her car from the Airport in Edmonton to Jasper, and some things like that. She asked if we had received a letter from Monika yet. No, we have received nothing. These things are held back and they like to take their time. We have contacted Monika’s friends in Jasper (Yes, she has friends there, and they are now beginning to really understand) and they were very very eager to help with this little car problem. I emailed the “Nisku Quality Inn” to inform them that Monika’s car will sit there a bit longer, and not to be alarmed or tow it away. We are on this.

I made it very clear to this social worker that Monika is a political prisoner and the entire world is watching this very closely and that Monika’s well being is in their hands, and we are taking note. More later….

We are accreting mass and energy to maximize their blunder and force their hand.


Please take the time to listen to the History Reviewed dialog for an update and information that is very useful for the bigger picture.

Monika has provided us with a pivot to leverage everything we have for our cause. Her value has undergone an exponential growth.

On the right side of that link above, we have put in the Ken O’Keefe video that he just put out, and this has the best USS-Liberty summary that I have seen. He also has good description of how he sees Trump, this may be worth your while to watch.

Paul Craig Roberts is a last line of shilling and gatekeeping for the foundational lies of “those evil Nazis”. For me this is treason and the exposure of these pathetic last layer protectors of the poison, is becoming easier by the day. They can no longer claim “But I didn’t know”.

The realization of “if you don’t understand the world wars and the communist/democratic division of the world, then you have not understood anything at all”, this understanding the big picture is going so fast now, that people like PCR will fall by the wayside as nothing more than a pathetic bla bla nothing that he is.   Sounds harsh, but we now have 2018 and things are moving.


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