JEWISH BRITAIN: 1st serving UK Police officer jailed for terrorism offence over membership of banned neo-Nazi group – My Comments

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[Here is another nice young White male … thrown into freaking prison because of Jewish crap. This saddens me because it shows me clearly there are young White men (and women) who are awesome and love their own race. Except in the Jewish Republic of Britain, this is of course not allowed. Loving your race or your history is wrong on that Jewish island. And thereafter, once they have you, they no doubt go through your computers and stuff and find any dirt they can to smear you with further. And notice how having read Anders Breivik's stuff – how that now turned him into a "potential terrorist". All junk. In reality he is a PATRIOT … but patriotism is nowadays a crime in this Judeo-Western civilisation we find ourselves in. Jan]

22-year-old Benjamin Hannam has been sentenced to four years and four months in prison after becoming the first UK police officer to be convicted of a terrorism offence over his membership of a banned neo-Nazi group.

The now-former Met Police officer had been a member of National Action (NA), an outlawed neo-Nazi group in the United Kingdom, prior to joining the police force, with footage showing him spraying the group’s logo on a wall weeks before submitting his application to join the force.

Hannam was found guilty on April 1 of two counts of fraud, for lying on his police application about his membership of an outlawed far-right group, and two counts of possessing documents useful to a terrorist, including the ‘manifesto’ of Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people in a 2011 extremist attack in Norway.

He was able to join the Metropolitan Police in July 2017, beginning training in March 2018 and passing out in 2019, clearing the vetting checks required during the application process. Hannam’s membership of the group was exposed when data from a far-right forum was leaked online by an anti-fascist group.

Following his conviction, Hannam was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police force, having been suspended from duty while the trial was ongoing.

Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball accepted that the trial had “harmed public confidence” in both UK policing and, specifically, the Metropolitan Police. However, the Met has previously defended hiring Hannam, claiming that the organisation “acted very swiftly” after identifying his previous membership of a banned group.

In 2016, NA became the first far-right group outlawed in the UK by then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who used the powers provided by the Terrorism Act 2000 to tackle groups believed to be “concerned in terrorism.”

Reporting on the case had initially been prohibited during the trial, but media restrictions were lifted after Hannam pleaded guilty to separate charges of possessing indecent images of an underage individual.


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