IMPORTANT WARNING FROM JAN: S.Africa – Internet totally down for several hours – Army sighted & White arrest(s)?


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Just a note, the Internet has been totally down here in South Africa, at least in my area.

I used 3 different methods to try to connect to the Internet in order to post on my websites about 6 hours ago and NONE of them worked. I could not even get to my email or ANYWHERE. EVERYTHING WENT DOWN. EVERYTHING.

And even the connections I could get were very bad. I could not even see or connect to my websites to leave a message.

I am suspicious about it as to whether we are having a repeat of the massive Internet outage that we had in February. And I am suspicious as to whether the black Govt, our our black Jewish President Ramaphosa, or Jewry or some other deliberate maliciousness is on the go. It was very, very weird. It went out dead on midnight my time just as I was going to upload videos and I wanted to post articles.

This is the first time in almost 6 hours that I could connect.

Now the last time they blamed the cable in the sea. I don’t know what it up this time. I tried to contact my ISP and managed to leave a ticket there.

One of my supporters left Johannesburg during this lockdown to stay with her daughter in a small town outside Pretoria. I have mentioned that I have not seen the army in my area yet. My supporter told me that in the small town the army is present. She had also been told to NOT take photos of the army. This is the first time that I’ve heard of the army being close to any whites. I don’t know what the army is doing in the small town. Why are they there? Quite a lot of whites live in that particular area.

Another strange note I received, which I could not investigate because the Internet was down and my phone could not get data, was that someone was arrested. I’m told that it was a man who was arrested and it was similar to the arrest of Harry some months back. It sounds like an older Boer who was arrested.

I don’t know why he was arrested. I also do not know if he is the only arrest or whether there are more.

So the last few hours have been rather weird, and having no communication has stopped me from being able to find out more.

So if you see me disappearing and nothing new is appearing on my site for longer than 24 hours, then be aware, communications might have been cut off. It could be accidental OR IT COULD BE DELIBERATE OR MALICIOUS AND DUE TO BLACKS OR JEWS.

So just watch this space.

Even while writing this message I lost the internet connection several times.

I don’t know what’s going on.

The cutting of communications always concerns me a LOT. It means that you do not know what is going on and we cannot speak to you directly.

I will try to find out more in the day.

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