Eustace Mullins: The Boers vs British – Jewish plans to destroy South Africa & Rhodesia


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This is the strange story of how the Belgians were forced out of their own colony by the globalist United Nations and how America sided with communists. Facing them were Blacks who were supported by the Belgians, South Africans and Rhodesians.

[One of my readers wrote the comments below. It makes for interesting reading. What I don't know is how whether Dr Kitty Little is someone who can be trusted. I don't know anything about her and can't find much except that she wrote a book in 1986. I would be interested in more info on her and whether he statements are true or can be verified that she knew this back in 1940. I am aware that the British Govt promised Israel to Lord Rothschild and that the Balfour Declaration was written to him. That is definitely true. Jan]

Here’s what my reader wrote:
Just reading a rare book (hard to acquire) today by my favourite author Eustace Mullins titled "THE WORLD ORDER: OUR SECRET RULERS" 1992 edition.

He reveals that after the thrashing 30,000 Boers gave 600,000 (or so) British and colonial troops the ROTHSCHILDS – who had caused the war to steal the gold and diamond assets – made the decision from then on to CONTROL every future war, all planned well ahead.

This is what they did when they created the 2 world wars, Vietnam war etc etc. In the case of WWI the war would have ended 2 years earlier as the Germans said they couldn’t continue the war as they were running out of food. So the so-called Belgium Relief Aid was put in place which was in fact for the Germans. Rothschilds didn’t want the war to end BEFORE the Americans had been maneuvered to join WWI (to create the money power world dictatorship FRONT, the League of Nations and to move into Palestine to create Israel – and the Balfour Declaration was written direct to Lord Rothschild).

Eustace Mullins said the NWO Brookings Institute (an offshoot of the RIIA, UK and CFR, US secret govt) plans 50 years ahead.

This gives confirmation to Dr Kitty Little who revealed that Rhodesia and then South Africa were singled out for DESTRUCTION before 1940 – it was in 1940 she was selected out for Oxford to be trained for the NWO and was informed by then student Harold Wilson of the plans. He informed her he was selected for politics and to be a future British Prime Minister – which is what he became, just in time to mess with Rhodesia.

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