IMPORTANT: NERDS FOUGHT: Good analysis found on why the Russian army slowed down in Ukraine

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I found a really excellent video analysis on the war in Ukraine. Someone went to tremendous lengths to study the things that happened there in the opening week or two. I was very impressed indeed. It showed the many ways in which the Russian military was stopped. Among the things that went very wrong for the Russians were the activities of computer nerds and people on social media. People outside Ukraine were able to assist the people inside Ukraine. They were hacking computers and even interfering with Russian communications.

But most interesting and fascinating was how the Russian logistics system really works. The Russians are very heavily dependent on railways.

The Russians initially can only operate for 3-5 days with the fuel and ammunition they have. After that, they need resupply and that’s where they run into serious problems.

I’ll put out the full video. It shows in great detail what went wrong with the Russian invasion.

Lots of things combined to mess things up for the Russians, including logistics.

So this means the Russians can only prosecute the war at a certain pace. This will buy time for the Ukrainians.

The role of computer nerds and hackers is quite astounding. Very impressive actually. People outside Ukraine were able to make a difference from a distance with computers. I think this is unique. This has never happened on such a scale before. These were, as always, Whites… doing their thing!!!!

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