IMPORTANT: MONEY: GAB INTENSELY BANNED BY JEWS: Gab’s new way of Funding. How does it work exactly?


[With my own funding and money issues, I was quite fascinated by this. I am interested in any method that helps overcome Jewish nonsense. Despite Gab being so soft, the fact is that JEWS DESTROY ANYTHING THAT INCREASES "racism" in the slighted. RACISM = WHITE UNITY. Whenever we, as a people, as a group, stick together, we find ourselves coming under attack. The solution is NOT to be LESS RACIST, but to be MORE RACIST!!! RACISM is merely when we stick together.  Jews cannot tolerate even minor, tiny amounts of "racism" even on a soft platform like GAB because they HATE to see messages spread. HOW JEWS THINK is the key to understanding this. So soft as Gab is, the problem for them is the scale of Gab. Notice how Gab has even been blacklisted by VISA. Now what interests me a lot is the concept of an echeck. It is something I was aware of quite some time ago. I want to know in more technical detail how this works. If anyone has more knowledge about echecks, and exactly how one can set them up in the US banking system, I would like to know more. Jan]

See this note from Gab:-

Hello Friends,

As many of you know Gab has faced tremendous challenges when it comes to payment processing over the years.

We’ve been banned by Paypal, Stripe, Square, and dozens of other payment processing providers. My family and I have even been personally blacklisted by Visa. All we want to do is sell hats and our GabPRO subscription service to fund the operation of Gab and feed our families, but the powers that be are treating us like war criminals. The establishment knows that Gab is 100% funded by people like you, not special interests or big corporate advertisers. When they attack us at the payment processing level, they are censoring your ability to support us and make Gab possible.

Thankfully we still have several payment options including eCheck, bitcoin, and check by mail.

eCheck is exactly what it sounds like: a digital check. It’s just as easy as entering in your credit or debit card number. This week we are excited to announce a new way to support Gab via eCheck with a monthly subscription option. Previously we were only able to offer an annual subscription option for GabPRO, but starting now we have a month-to-month payment option for just $7.99 a month.

For about the cost of one lunch per month you can help make Gab possible for millions of people and unlock additional features on Gab such as blue checkmark verification, group creation, scheduled posts, and more.

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