Important: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – A man who lies massively about HITLER – A JEW?

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Die Beginsels van Die Boere Staat Party
Hier kan jy hul beginsels lees. Daar is ook a kort video van hul leier Coen Vermaak waar hy praat oor hul beginsels

Today, for the first time I was watching a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes for the first time, and I heard a whole lot of real rubbish. I was rather astounded by it.

So I did a bit of checking with my friends and they confirmed that he is a GERMAN HATER and he has some kind of Jewish heritage!! AHA!!!!

So there you have it… and he was saying how much he was going to write about Hitler being a communist, and LOTS LOTS MORE of this coming.

I am well aware that Hitler and the NAZIs had to deal with large numbers of Germans who were turned into communists … BY THE JEWS and they had to win their minds back.

But to call Hitler a communist agent … is much like the old conservatives I used to believe in. Its all complete nonsense.

Anyway, I thought afterwards that anything produced by this fellow, deserves to be thrown in a fire and burnt. Clearly he is out to totally muddle up and screw up all the facts about the Germans.

He reminds me of someone else: JORDAN PETERSON the Canadian “intellectual”.


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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
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