How f*cked is the US in the realm of hybrid/asymmetric warfare? – My Comments

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[On Reddit this fascinating discussion took place. Sadly, the poster deleted his original posting. So we can't see it. However, I have, over the years heard people talk about how buggered the West/America is when faced with "superior" Chinese asymmetrical warfare. I don't buy into any of this. We in Africa actually came face to face with the Chinese training and arming blacks and teaching them warfare. The Chinese tried to screw us in many ways, and the Chinese stuff hardly worked, mainly because the blacks they themselves supported were so useless. If you really want to see asymmetrical warfare, then look at Germany against all the world's Jewish controlled empires and super powers, or the whites in Africa facing the Jewish controlled Russia and China and we gave them a very hard time. I think people are just listening to JEWISH NONSENSE when it comes to how GREAT China is. That's nonsense. My Jewish friend used to tell me all the time how much Europe sucks and how awesome China is. Yeah yeah. Pure rubbish. Don't fall for this nonsense. On Reddit, a number of people challenged the original poster. This is one of the VERY RARE occasions where I agree with the views posted on Reddit. Jan]

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1 day ago
You’re going to have to elaborate on what you’re referring to here. The US has not formally engaged in direct combat with either of those countries for decades.

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18 hours ago
I’m a bit skeptical of the premise of your question considering that a Russian PMC group was obliterated by US special forces in Syria. I have yet to see any such achievements from the Russians.

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17 hours ago
If you’re "hearing about victories" from them, then they’re failing. Properly conducted asymmetric warfare isn’t something that gets broadcast to the world.

It’d be like if I asked you who the dominate cyber power on Earth is. You’d probably say China. Because it’s all you see…… but you hear about them because they get caught.

The US is deployed to over 140 nations running operations on a daily basis. But yeah, Russia and China, two countries with regional experience and no experience respectively are "scoring victories against the US".

In short, you’re suffering from observation bias, so it’s no wonder you’re confused as to the realities of the world.


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