Hippies & Pop Music as a Jewish weapon to undermine America especially & Western Civilisation – Lessons from Rhodesia & South Africa

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[Someone in his 70s, wrote to a group of Americans that he was a proud hippie. He is in his 70s now, he says, but  he will remain a hippie until he dies. Jan]

I replied as follows:-

Hippies were a definite step backwards. I suspect it was part of a deliberate campaign to break down the natural patriotic will of the youth of the time, and they got them on sex, drugs, rock and roll and also COMMUNISM.

It was part of a movement that worked to destroy American morale at home and to undermine American will.

It did great damage to America and set America back, and I’m sure you’ll find Jews were the prime movers in this.

I have studied Allard Lowenstein, a Jew radical professor who was later assassinated.

He was a very cunning Jew who at this time was working towards getting the Blacks into a racial conflict with White Americans. (A Jewish rerun of Apartheid South Africa where the Jews did a similar thing).

Jews did many things in the 1960s that resulted in long term damage to the USA which America partly struggled to recover from.

The efforts to undermine America’s attempts at fighting communism were dreadful. It truly weakened America and indirectly led to our own destruction here in Africa.

The entire hippie phenomenon needs more studying. But I will tell you, it was no accident. It was a Jewish attempt at misdirecting the Whites, especially the young White men, from being their natural militaristic and patriotic selves.

There are many aspects of hippies that might even show other links to Jews. Take for example, how Hitlers VW was changed into a hippie symbol with peace and flowers. See "the Love Bug".

A great feat of NAZI engineering was turned into a mockery and sold along with sex, drugs and communism.

I also suspect Jews were abusing popular music to also bring in multiculturalism, and again to destroy the natural military spirit of healthy young White males.

Notice how the hair styles changed from short hair (Elvis) to long hair. You had the beginnings of transgenderism – where you couldn’t tell a White man from a White woman. (See 1960s and 1970’s pop music).

You even see the utterly bizarre pop groups where White men had Afro hair styles.

I think you will find that Jews have been misdirecting White Americans and the West more than you think by seizing control of our culture and twisting it away from what it would have been naturally.

White Americans were being twisted away from their natural selves and their natural defences.

You can even see this in universities. Notice how the junk style of a Jew who can’t comb his hair properly, Einstein, becomes the basis for all science. Nowadays, highly intelligent Whites, who lecture at universities, dress like total shit.

Compare that with NAZI scientists, who were also militarists. They were smart and neat.

Why can’t a modern White Professor learn to dress properly? Or comb his hair?

Look into these things and ask yourself where they come from.

Returning to the communist hippies who were destroying America. Look at how they took a European rune, that is racial and turned it into a "peace" symbol.

Look more especially at how they engaged in protests and caused trouble directly to undermine the war effort in Vietnam.

I’ve been pondering for a long time whether there are many dreadful, anti-White, anti-Western, nation-destroying tendencies that happened across the West that Whites never noticed, as Whites themselves worked to destroy their own society without even realising it.

I would say that hippies were a type of cultural subversion, aimed at weakening the young healthy White males especially, and misdirecting them, towards allowing communism and multiculturalism to win.

Hippies were not a natural occurrence, and very possibly neither was "pop music". Someone was behind it.

Then go and look at things like Woodstock and enormous hippie festivals and what "lessons" were "learned" from it and how the lying scum Liberal media came out and pushed that stuff.

The British pop group, The Beatles, definitely had Jewish influences in them and when they went to America, Jews paid for and saw to it that they were turned into "sex symbols" and that pretty White girls rushed to them.

All the pop groups had SEX as a key attraction. Many, many, many men, including, even a member of my family in South Africa, got into pop groups, and the key attraction was the GIRLS.

The natural tendency, of White women, is to swoon for warriors. But Jews turned it into musicians. And the Jews misdirected the boys away from machine guns to electric guitars.

Pop music was an instrument of social misdirection and I’m sure you’ll find Jews crawling all over that. Just like you do with Jews crawling all over Hollywood.

Interestingly, a Rhodesian pop singer, Clem Tholet, went to America to see if he could sign up for a music contract in the 1980s. He was told: "Sorry, there is no future for your type of music. The future of music is Rap".

What is rap? It is a weird type of junk music that is totally dominated by Blacks. Just like Jazz, is another type of junk music with Jewish associations.

Hippies … Yet another Jewish mind f*ck that slipped under the noses of Whites everywhere and undermined all of Western Civilisation.

So it is bizarre, that in Rhodesia for example, we are busy fighting for our lives against Communism which had started a race war against us, and in between, you’ll see us enjoying Hippie crap and pop music which is actually the antithesis of what we were trying to do.

If we had had our heads screwed on straight we would have been like the Prussians or the NAZIS, and ditto for America at the time of Korea and Vietnam – both of them scams. Vietnam is a war that America lost that it would never have lost.

That war was lost in 101 different ways to all kinds of misdirection that undermined the efforts of White men. The White men would have won with ease. An entire war was lost by America FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

And there might be more examples.

Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll – along with racial intermixing along with some communism thrown in – that is what the hippie movement was.

But Hippies … There is little doubt in my mind that Jews and Communists were hard at work on that project. In the 1960s, the Jews kicked off a number of very, very bad trends in America, and White Americans, unknowingly, set themselves on the path to their own destruction.

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