HELL IN BRITAIN: People DIE waiting for help! – Diversity broke the UK’s Health System

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[Whites in the UK are DYING while waiting for medical help. Meanwhile Blacks are being brought in and the systems are overloaded. This is from someone in the UK and it will give you an idea of how horrific the health situation in the UK is. Jan]

Yes Jan our free social health care system is wrecked ! Successive governments for the past 40 years have been trying to privatise it via the back door. The journalist John Pilger exposes the whole rotten mess on YouTube. Real stories. "The dirty war on Britain’s NHS". ( Free healthcare scandal).

I broke my arm and shoulder when I fell in the garden last year. I waited 8 hours for an ambulance and 14 hours waiting in A&E to be seen.

The UK is on the road to a dystopian nightmare. A year to get a dentist appointment. The treatment I need for my bladder could be years away. I am catheterized which is like having a ball and chain. I had urine retention 5 years ago and I waited 2 and a half years for a simple operation.

People are dying on waiting lists for lack of treatment for cancer and other ailments. The negroes are being shipped in on mass daily now taking priority in housing, social care, employment, and medical care all to prove there is no racism here. There is an open war and discrimination on white people especially with the draconian hate laws.

Things are only going to get darker and more oppressive for indigenous whites of the UK and the fools are voting for it.

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