Get In Touch With Your White Racist Gene: It can save you from extinction!


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[An excellent article from National Vanguard. Whites, you can't be too racist! Be as racist as you possibly can. Nature loves us. Jews don't! But who cares about Jews! Nature is in charge! Jan]

IF YOU ARE PURE White, meaning that you are a non-Jewish White person of European ancestry born of two White parents (aka Aryan), you have a White racist gene. You may be alienated from it and you may deny it, but you have it. It is one with your White skin and other genetically determined White attributes. This is a good thing. Now, you have to awaken it from its dormant state so it can help you survive.

I’m going to tell you why Whites must try to be a good and righteous people and live the right way and why this will give you meaning and purpose in life — if you will focus on reality as it really is. Your meaning and purpose in life is bigger than you or me or anyone else as we see ourselves in the mirror. All your problems and joys in life are as nothing compared to your meaning and purpose.

I could simply say that God wants you to be a certain way, and I could go on and on about not harming others, and being respectful of all life and treating all others (whether they are White people or not) the same way you want to be treated, and I have written such things many times — however, what I want to tell you now is the big Why of the meaning and purpose of your life, with just a bare minimum of religious coloration and beliefs and a maximum of the physical and biological reality of who and what you are.

We must understand that while there are universal natural laws, there are also particular natural laws and it is the latter that too many White people do not understand.

Let me give it to you straight: Non-White people are not White people. And it’s not just skin color, but that is a large part of it. You must understand that skin color is not like paint that is applied over identical automobiles almost as an afterthought. Skin color comes from our DNA codes and the DNA codes of different races are different. Deny it if you will, but the truth is still the truth. You can also believe the Earth is flat, but, in believing such a falsehood, you will make many mistakes in life. The same principle applies to racial differences.

You and I are part of the White people of this dark planet. We have been selected to evolve and we have evolved to be selected. Awakened Whites know that we are not “better” than other peoples and we make no such claim. We are, however, different from them as they are different from us and from other peoples. That is the way evolution works — it is about differences, and constant branching off into new types. We Whites have branched off from all non-Whites and our highest destiny is to branch off even more. We are the new people on this dark planet but we are in danger of going extinct if we don’t reject the lies of those who want us to disappear from existence.

Here’s the main point: You must stay White. You must put Whiteness above all else and you must be consciously White in everything you do. For the most orthodox religiously White among us who follow Arman’s Teachings and the Path he explains, this is a revealed command from God and no further explanation or justification is needed. However, even the most orthodox Whites are free to think about and speculate about why there is such a command that goes against the current demands of society that falsely say we must ignore race and pretend it doesn’t exist and all blend together.

So, are there reasons found in science and Nature that tell us the same thing that Arman says God wants? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Some preliminaries:

Racist: Defined here to mean one who understands that race is a reality and is a valid taxonomic term to identify the major groups of humans, just as the terms breed and variety do the same thing for dogs and roses respectively. The word “racist” as we use it carries no hint of hate as so defined.

Gene: A section of DNA code that gives you your basic physical and other characteristics, including mental and behavioral characteristics and proclivities.

Life Force: That “something” which we can theorize is behind DNA and which gives all living minerals (all organisms that we know about are made of minerals) that “energy” that makes organisms alive — while other minerals such as rocks, etc., are not alive as we define the term.

The first and most basic instinct of all organisms: Self preservation/survival. While we humans think of this mainly as the survival of each of us as we see ourselves in the mirror, but the deeper meaning is really the survival of the genome (aka DNA code) inside us, the code that makes the person we see in the mirror. In other words, we live very short lives, but we survive if we pass on our DNA code to children who are like us racially.

The so-called White racist gene (actually it’s probably a series of genes) is not a bad thing, but is a good thing for Whites and gives those with a finely tuned and sensitive racist gene a survival advantage. However, we often hear the claim that because Whites are “born racist” that we are some sort of walking evil on this dark planet. We often even hear this nonsense not only from non-White haters of Whites but also from weak-seed, self-hating Whites.

Now, to the meat…

Too many Whites today seem to want to run away from this notion that we have a racist gene. By contrast, I say we should not run away from such a concept but, again, that we must understand that it is a survival mechanism and it gives those with it a reproductive advantage for their DNA code (their genome) because it tends to keep them from miscegenation. It helps keep their family lines White.

Now, in this regard, one must understand that the main goal and main purpose of the theorized Life Force as manifested first in DNA, and then in the total organisms engineered by the DNA, is to expand always and contract never. “Go forth and multiply [your kind],” is not just from the Bible, it is a basic command of Nature for all life forms. If it were not, we wouldn’t have any life forms on Earth, as life would have died off long before humans evolved. Another goal and purpose of the Life Force is to evolve ever higher, and this means to acquire higher intelligence, awareness and consciousness.

I use the term Life Force instead of the terms DNA and RNA as that which starts life, because when we find life on other planets, and we will, we may find that it does not have DNA (or RNA) but some other chemicals that serve the same purpose.

Yet, even without DNA or RNA, assuming that is what we find, that life will still be life. And, assuming even more, our reason then tells us that there must be something further upstream — that is not DNA or RNA — that makes some minerals be alive and some not alive. Of course, if, on the other hand, we eventually find that all life everywhere in the universe does require DNA [and RNA], we will revise our thinking, as we always must because true, settled science always must trump beliefs and conjecture. At any rate, this does not change the main point here that we Whites must pass on our DNA code by having White children, in order to have that most essential part of us — our White DNA code — survive us and go into the far distant future as a White DNA code, and not some non-White DNA code. To survive, we must be White. If our White DNA code is turned non-White, we do not survive as we are. Period. One cannot be a “non-White White.”

It is this Life Force — or whatever we call it — which is within DNA which in turn makes us as we are, and it “wants” to survive and expand to fill all of existence with itself. Why? It requires no more explanation than to understand that existence as a body of living, sensing, experiencing minerals is better than being so-called non-living, non-sensing, non-experiencing minerals. Life is its own reward and its own reason for being. Ultimately, it needs no more explanation than that.

Now, at the most basic level, the Life Force doesn’t much care which form of life carries it, because, remember, its main goal and main purpose is to survive and expand. And, it can do that in any life form. However, and remember, again, that it also has a goal and purpose to evolve ever higher, and this is where we come in — at least here on Earth. On this planet we appear to be the highest form of life. This means we have higher intelligence, awareness, and consciousness than any other life forms, so we might say that the Life Force is rooting for us to survive, expand, and evolve ever higher. And, we, as Whites, should be trying to be the human form — the human race — that is the one that does evolve. If we don’t — if we fail — some other race or species will be next in line. It is up to us to do what we must do. We must be in the driver’s seat of our evolution and take the right path.

Back to that boogeyman word that so many timid Whites are afraid of: racism. What is racism, really? My definition is that it is the rational and intelligent belief and recognition that humans, due to evolution, have evolved into different subspecies, races, and sub-races and that the different types of humans are on different evolutionary tracks so long as they don’t have gene flow from one type to another.

I also say that this is a good thing for Whites and that our evolutionary track toward more Whiteness is the best one for us. My taxonomy is a little different than what you may have been taught elsewhere, because I believe the major races of humans are actually subspecies and that the subspecies can then be further divided into races and sub-races. So, under this taxonomic scheme, we Whites are a subspecies. As far as White survival goes, finer distinctions of Whites today doesn’t make much sense as we now have external non-White genetic enemies who threaten all Whites and who are bringing bedroom genocide to our once insular White nations.

We must find our most important identity by defining ourselves as we are in our most essential selves, which is that we are different from non-White humans, but we must be careful to not define ourselves at too fine a level or we end up fragmenting our subspecies — Whites.

We are a White people. That is what is important. When we had no enemies outside of our fortress Europe, we made fine line distinctions between our different White types — because the gene wars are about that constant refining and struggle, even intraracial struggle — but today we can no longer afford that or we will go extinct. We have external enemies and they are coming to our formerly all-White lands in massive numbers. And, as their DNA increases in our lands, the frequency of gene flow will increase and we can easily be assimilated into non-White human types in just a few generations. The danger of blending away White people is a real one. It is genocide and it is extinction. Where did the Neanderthals and the Denosivans go? They were blended away. Virtually all White Europeans have some Neanderthal genes and Melanesians have many Denosivan genes. If we do not stop the blending, some future non-White might be writing what I am writing now, that is, he or she may be writing that all humans then alive who are dark humans have some White genes, but Whites have long since gone extinct just as the Neanderthals and Denosivans also went extinct.

Those who hate Whites use various other definitions of racism to browbeat and cow Whites into submission. We shouldn’t be intimidated. We shouldn’t care what non-Whites, or self-hating Whites, think about anything. They are not our kind. We Whites must separate as best we can from all non-Whites. If we are not able to physically separate, because of our jobs or other factors, we can still separate by avoiding non-Whites in our everyday lives as much as possible.

No, we don’t have to shout it from the rooftops or wear it on our sleeves. We should always treat all others, even non-Whites, as we want to be treated, and we should respect all life and all humans and be polite — but we should not mix and mingle when we can avoid it. We should just stay away from them and stay with our own kind. We should avoid their businesses and avoid social situations as much as possible. No one has a right to know what we’re thinking unless we want to tell them.

For some of us our Whiteness and our beliefs are religious in nature or fill the spot that other religious beliefs fill in the lives of others. And, just as most people simply don’t discuss their religious beliefs with others, so too is this the case with many of us. If we wish to discuss them, we do. If we do not wish to discuss them, we don’t. What we think is our business and no one else’s. But, even more, some of us put Whiteness above all else. It is our religion, our politics, our culture, our world view, our way of life. We ask of everything “Is it good for Whites?”

As a practical matter, we should simply accept the hypothesis that there is a genetic component to White racism and that it is a survival mechanism as it tends to make those with it not want to mate with non-Whites, and by not mating with them, those with the White racist gene keep their White family lines pure by avoiding gene flow that would corrupt the White genotype and cause a devolution from White to non-White.

It has been said that the only proof that is needed to prove that there is a gene for anything is to find its opposite. If there is the latter, then there is the former.

So, is there a non-racist gene that might indicate that there is its opposite — a racist gene? Yes. It is actually the deletion of around 25 genes from Chromosome 7. Those who are missing these genes are born with Williams syndrome — which affects about 1 in 7,500 to 20,000 people. Those with Williams syndrome are often easy victims because they are unable to pick up danger signs in social situations and have no racial bias. They are, in a sense, easy victims who will walk right into danger. They are genetic non-racists and they lack the survival genes that those with the so-called “White racist gene” have.

Be White. Pray White. Vote White. Think White. Live White. Breed White. Stay pure. Put Whiteness above all else.

(© 2016 H. Millard)

“Millard is an original. His books aren’t like your typical fiction. If you don’t know where to put his books, try the same shelf with Kerouac, Kafka, Sartre and Nietzsche…”


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