From Hitler … No more Mr Nice Guy … You’ve NOT seen the last of the Whites – You’ve NOT seen the last of the BOERS!

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A supporter on social media wrote:

NO MORE MR NICE FUHRER, man I had to laugh !
An old joke from my youth, I can’t remember but the punchline is Hitler saying "No more Mr. Nice Guy",

I’m reminded of jan, pointing out that our enemies are the biggest cowards on the face of the earth. Also , wether jews or blacks, they are fucking stupid too. They may have a long range plan, and cohesion , but their plan requires total secrecy and the cat is out of the bag and walking around.

There’s all kinds of reasons to be optimistic.
CHEERS to your 3/4 full glass Brother o/

I replied:
@Zongongo @Psychodrilla Yes, I agree, no more Mr Nice Guy. Hitler was far too nice. The Frenchman Hillaire Belloc, in his 1922 book the Jews, harped a lot on the Jews and their secrecy. I think if it wasn’t for their SECRECY, our race would just have come out and slaughtered them all and chased them all away. When I see what comes out of their evil, demented minds, these days, it makes my head want to explode.

But I don’t know if you ever watched the videos I did called "Strategy Vs Tactics". I did an original video called that, and I revisited the topic again later. Let me know if you’ve not seen it and I’ll find it.

In a nutshell, I noticed that the Jews and the Blacks have a lot of BIG PLANS to destroy us. This is especially true of the Blacks. Our race, mostly, does not even take any of these degenerate plans of our RACIAL ENEMIES seriously. So our enemies have "Strategies" – BIG PLANS to F*CK US UP! But in reality, the way Whites survive time and again, is that we don’t have any strategies. However, we work through "tactics". And we end up beating them anyway!!!

As I’m watching South Africa and where we are standing currently – 2024 – God help me – We are in our 30th year of demented Black rule. But you won’t believe, despite the harm that has come to us – despite the dead whites, despite large numbers of whites being impoverished, despite MOST WHITES being poorer than they were … WE ARE STILL FUNCTIONING much better than the Blacks. And I’m watching as Black politics falls apart more and more. In fact, in 2024, watch only one Black guy: Jacob Zuma. He’s the only one to watch. He will cause new trouble – this is from a long standing bitter fight among the Black Communists. Black politics is falling apart now. Even the Jews and the Blacks are struggling. Meanwhile, quietly, Whites are still hanging in there and not doing badly at all – despite all that they threw at us and tried to do.

So we don’t even have BIG EVIL PLANS to f*ck up our enemies… but we’re still VERY MUCH ALIVE AND IN THE GAME. You’ve NOT seen the last of the Boers and White South Africa. MARK MY WORDS. One day, in your lifetime, you are going to be shocked by what we can do when we fix ourselves.

The Jews have not killed us yet … THE BATTLE IS ONLY BEGINNING… We, the European people, have a LOT OF PUNCH. Hang in there … I am convinced that when Globalism and Liberalism collapses more, you’ll see the White man coming out the WINNER AGAIN! Ignore the Chinese, Ignore the Jews and Blacks. They’ll have their asses solidly kicked. The Blacks, I must tell you, are fast asleep. The Blacks EVERYWHERE are FAST ASLEEP. They’re gonna have their teeth kicked out!

Stick around the fun is coming.

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