French President Macron and United Nations don’t agree with Dopey Joe on Ukraine GENOCIDE claims


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I see with interest that both President Macron of France as well as the ever asleep, United Nations, that they agree that the term GENOCIDE is wrong to use in Ukraine. We have the Jew Rat Zelensky, who continues to use GENOCIDE endlessly for the slightest thing in his Jewish way. But it seems that even the dumb old United Nations and even a Globalist like Macron feel uncomfortable about the use of that term, whereas Dementia Joe will of course speak any shit that the Jews want him to. He’ll lick their boots any time they want.

So these are also good signs that not everything is running the Jewish way.

Even the German leader is very irritated with the Jew homosexual rat Zelensky.

So there are some signs that not everyone rolls over for the Jews … even if they are Jew friendly … they have some limits.

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