Former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe: Electricity cuts for 18 to 20 hours PER DAY!!!!

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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

[I thought it was bad in South Africa with us having 4 or 8 hours without electricity. But I spotted this in an article about Zimbabwe. It had to do with people hunting for Lithium near Goromonzi. Goromonzi was just a few km from Ruwa where I grew up. I don't care if they suffer in Zimbabwe. They fought the Whites. Jan]

Here’s the relevant paragraph:-
Electricity cuts that last 18 to 20 hours a day, food going rotten in hot fridges and freezers, water that only comes out of taps every two or three weeks, internet cables dug up and stolen in the darkness of power cuts leaving communications for hundreds of homes gone for days and weeks at a time.


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2010: S.Africa: Julius Malema incited Blacks to rape, torture & murder Afrikaans farm owners
An Afrikaans farmer and his family fled South Africa after deciding to lay charges against Julius Malema. In his affidavit he said that 2380 Afrikaners had been murdered in the last 16 years and some had been tortured.

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