FANTASTIC Australian story: COVID-19 Benefits: The world is NOT LOST… The Hidden Young NAZI …


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An Australian man sent me this story of what happened to him. It is as I have been saying … the world is not lost … its just that the white males have not gathered together and formed armies and smashed the non-whites and Jews. Its all a process of self-discovery. The young white guys need to be helped so that they discover themselves, and they must be properly led. I am certain they will give it their everything when the time is right, but ALL WHITE MALES MUST WORK TOGETHER… we must do what white men are best at … facing danger and death and overcoming it!

Whites are too brainwashed. This COVID-19 nonsense may be very good. Its caused some of my white neighbours and I to chat for the first time. Most of them are so brainwashed and afraid. Pardon the spelling in his email below. I’m not fixing it.

On 2020/05/19 10:49, xxx wrote:

I recently went to xxxx Auto to get a new battery for my ute. (I’m not that way inclined, unless I have to be-I can design your house frames and trusses, but cars?)

They quote free installation, which is good for the likes of me! I complemented the young fellow and asked where did he acquire his interest in automobiles? My parents had a Kombi was his answer and as this exited my mind to fertile fields I asked, I bet you wld like a Carmen Gia? Oh, yes – the poor mans Porsche, I wld love one. I asked him if he knew that Dr (Ing) Ferdinand Porsche designed it, the boy exited by my understanding exclaimed, yes. I then put to him if he knew Porsche had a hand in the design of the VW, he said yes – he did design it! From this, it was not difficult to explain that Porsche had a partner with the VW.

I actually informed him that the main instigator of the VW had dreamt of it when he was only 15 and had stipulated a price which wld allow all working men to afford one. We then discussed how Porsche cld not keep the costs below budget until the Prime Minister and President of Germany, Adolf Hitler came up with the idea to have the roof and rear to be mfrd in a single stamping enabling the costs to come out below budget.

I think the boy who installed my battery may have known a little more than he admitted to. As the work was done and the time to farewell had come, I said thank you for your good work, but I’m sorry that I can no longer shake your hand. I verbally volunteered the Roman Salute, at which after all the talk of Hitler and Porsche the young boy stiffened, heels together and with arm perfectly outstretched with palm following made me do what I usually am not persuaded to do, but return his salute!

So the Corona virus has it’s upsides!

So the world has not totally collapsed. There are some out there.

With my best regards and best wishes,

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