Aselsan Receives Contract for Production of Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Turkish Army

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[I am fascinated by these little radio controlled unmanned vehicles. The White man's technology is getting more potent. Jan]

Turkish defense company, Aselsan has signed a contract with the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) for the production of armed unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs).

The armed medium-class UGVS will be delivered to the Turkish Army (Turkish Land Forces Command).

Ismail Demir

Mehmetçiğe robot yardımcılar geliyor!

Hafif ve orta sınıf 1.seviye insansız kara araçları prototiplerinden sonra orta sınıf 2.seviye için Aselsan ile sözleşme imzaladık. Katmerciler’in de platform üreticisi olacağı projeyle silahlı insansız kara araçları KKK’ya teslim edilecek.

11:29 – 9 May 2020
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The project includes the development and mass production of unmanned ground vehicles, which are capable of reconnaissance, surveillance, target determination, weapons systems and other systems needed, can be remotely commanded, used autonomously, and have superior mobility. Katmerciler will also be the platform manufacturer for the project.

Turkish Tracked UGVTurkish tracked armed unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Photo by Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).Source:

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