EXCELLENT: Trump Slams Biden during Rally, Warns of Danger from Radical Left – My Comments

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[I like this a lot. And with someone as popular as Trump saying this in public – this is powerful. This is excellent. Now he's openly fighting Biden publicly. It's very good. Jan]

President Donald Trump has fired back at Joe Biden during his first rally since his Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last month.

Trump blasted President Biden and the Democrats at a “Save America” rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Saturday night.

The 45th president dedicated a large portion of his speech to the “corruption and extremism” of the Democratic Party.

“Republicans in the ‘MAGA’ movement are not the ones trying to undermine our democracy,” Trump told the huge crowd.

“We are the ones trying to save our democracy. The danger to democracy comes from the radical Left, not from the Right,” he warned.

Trump then jumped right into bashing Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) for approving the FBI raid of his southern Florida residence.

He slammed the raid as “one of the most shocking abuses of power of any administration in American history.”

“The shameful raid and break-in of my home in Mar-a-Lago was a travesty of justice that made a mockery of America’s laws, traditions, and principles before the entire world,” he remarked.

Trump said the raid was made possible by a false pretext and was signed off by a judge “handpicked” by the Biden administration.

Trump’s Pennsylvania rally came just days after Biden gave a widely controversial and deeply divisive speech in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on Thursday night.

He criticized Biden over the combative speech wherein he targeted Trump and his supporters.

“As you know, this week Joe Biden came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to give the most vicious, hateful, and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president, vilifying 75 million citizens … as threats to democracy and enemies of the state,” Trump fumed.

He then continued by ripping into Biden and calling him “an enemy of the state.”

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Oz and gubernatorial candidate Mastriano also gave remarks at the event as they continue their campaigns in tight races against Democrats.

Democrat candidates John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro both lead Trump-endorsed Oz and Mastriano entering the last two full months of the campaign, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

Trump encouraged Pennsylvanians on Saturday to get out and vote in November, reminding them of high inflation, gas prices, and rising crime rates in cities like Philadelphia.

“Above all, this election is a referendum on the corruption and extremism of Joe Biden and the radical Democrat Party,” Trump remarked.

“If you want to stop this destruction of America, you must vote Republican.

“You gotta get out and vote.”

Source: https://slaynews.com/news/trump-biden-rally-warns-danger-radical-left/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-newsletter

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