Email from a Jew … spitting venom and blood … you NAZI piece of shit…

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Jews go absolutely ape shit, when they see someone who stands up for race and Germans. So hey, the Jew does not like this! This is like those old movies where Count Dracula sees the light and he begins to lose his powers. When a Jew sees a NAZI, they go ape shit. Race of garbage and filth whom you CANNOT have any kind of debate with. I would never waste 2 seconds of my life talking to the race of shit.

Check out this email from a Jew that I got:Good morning jan, you nazi scum. My people survived a holocaust, bet you couldn’t survive a plastic bag. Please find a hole, crawl in it, and live like the inbred halfwit you are!

On Apr 19, 2020, at 11:19 PM, HistoryReviewed wrote:

Dear Fuckyounazipiecesofshit,

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