Education: The Humiliation of the White Race

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Video: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa presented by Jan in Canada
This lecture is JAM PACKED with tons of facts about us Whites in southern Africa and the wars we fought against Black Communists and AGAINST BLACK RULE. We did NOT want to be ruled by Blacks.In this lecture, I show photos and also videos about many of the key things that happened between us and the Blacks. This is primarily a presentation of how we fought wars over decades, even though there were only a few of us.

[I don’t fully agree with all the analysis herein. I think our enemies want some things, simply because in their creepy, demented, evil minds, they like it and think it is good. But even so, this makes for a good read and shows some of what has been done to Whites in the past. Jews did have a lot of influence in the Ottoman Empire. Jan]

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S.Africa: Animal sex: Black man arrested, goat dies
The Goats were screaming! Villagers at Ga-Ratisi in the Northern Province holding an all-night vigil arrested a naked man early on Sunday morning, who is believed to have committed bestiality with a goat which later died.

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