Dumb Thief Biden is the worst kind of RACE TRAITOR, a Wannabe Jew!


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[One of the Readers of my website, an Australian I think, wrote this. I agree with this notion of Wannabe Jews. I can understand where this comes from. The Jews try to gain "prestige" in the world. e.g. The Ancient God-fearing people, or the cleverest people, etc. This fools lots of Whites and it even fooled me years ago before I realised what crap they really are. What we Whites are missing is a POLITICAL and RACIAL EDUCATION. Hitler taught his people properly. Whites are NOT taught about the important things in life and then they are unaware of what they are walking into when they meet up with Jews. What I don't agree with is the totally negative view of Whites. We will be ok. We must just focus on TEACHING other Whites and working towards global WHITE UNITY. Then you'll see how many mistakes the others have made. I watch the Blacks all the time and they make huge mistakes! And they aren't alone. Jan]

The Reader wrote:

Biden is the worst kind of White race traitor there is, he is a wanna be Jew. This is the fella who will bring the US down, and hence, the rest of we Whites abroad. By around 1980 I realised, that around eight years after getting jew wise, that our race were finished.

They don’t call us cattle for nothing, or just out of hatred and contempt, if we take a good in depth look at our race, it is so obvious.

We are in a herd, not to defend each other, like jews do, but in the hopes that it will be the individual to the left or right that is taken down by the carnivore’s. When I watch our name sake on the Serengeti being taken down, I feel no sorrow or sympathy for them. Just contempt.

I came out openly on the net not to try and stop the enemy, but to bring attention to the deathly situation I am in.

My herd of idiot cattle offered no help what so ever. Let me be taken, if it takes the attention of the hunter away from them, then let it be so.

Now that I am probably in the last months of life, I will be the one taking satisfaction in watching them being taken down, especially from a high vantage point.

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