Dr William Pierce: A Brilliant White male: Did he predict Jews would do 9/11? – Slavery is legal in Israel

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[Here are some excerpts from a fascinating email I got from someone who is a big fan of Dr William Pierce.

I particularly liked his comment also that I’m the only one providing news from South Africa that is NOT FILTERED THROUGH A JEW OR AN INDIAN! (The Indians are like Black Jews – truly in every respect – Their modus operandi is much the same.

Sadly, its so long ago, that the link to the 8chan discussion is not working.

What the writer does not realise is that even though I hardly ever mention Dr Pierce, I am a huge fan of his. I know about his history, the controversies and I have listened to many of his podcasts. I have a lot of respect for Pierce. We will talk about him more. Jan]

Hey Jan,
Love your videos and articles. Just had a great thread discussing your work on 8chan /pol/

My question for you, I know you are aware of GL Rockwell, are you aware of Dr. William Pierce, a protégé of his? Dr. Pierce was a physicist who worked at Los Alamos and Cal Tech Jet Prop Lab, the 2places that created the nuclear bomb, the Mar’s Rover, along with just about every other space technology. In any event, he did several videos on South Africa and Rhodesia.

Some of them are called “Horror in Rhodesia,” “zimbabwe :Liberal Consequences,” “To Be or Not to Be” (154-156 in the numbered broadcasts on the link) “the Lessons of Africa (58). They really are ALL worth listening to. It’s like getting a Doctorate in Race and the Jews. Thanks for all you do and keep it up the great work. You are the only host person providing news from southern Africa that isn’t filtered thought a Jew or an Indian.

Some of them are funny, some are inspirational and some are just horrific, like his discussions of jews and their involvement in the white slave trade. Did you know Jan, that slavery is LEGAL (!!) even today in Israel? You read that correct.

I can’t explain to you how this man changed my life and what a genius and a privet he was. He predicted 9/11 a few years before it happened after a kike attacked muslims praying in tomb of the patriarch saying “Any New Yorker who works in Manhattan, particularly in any building the size of the world trade center, might consider wearing hard beards to work.” He then further predicted it about a year before in a broadcast called “Boschbinladen,” anyway, thanks and good luck,

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