DEATH BY INDIRECT MEANS BY VACCINE? Will the COVID mRNA vaccines unleash other diseases that could kill you?

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I don’t think the mRNA will offhand just cause people to drop dead like flies. I think this is most unlikely. I know quite a few people have died, but I can’t see it happening that overnight, say 1 billion people drop dead – though I think in this overpopulated world this would be a good thing on certain continents.

I think people just falling down in waves, as good as that would be, that those behind this covid nonsense do not have that in mind and that even they and the governments would not be so bold. I would be utterly amazed if this happened – make no mistake.

I do know about the mRNA which leads to people dropping dead. But I would just be astounded if they were that totally BRAZEN. (If I’m wrong and people drop dead like flies, then I’ll come back and admit I was wrong).

I don’t trust these vaccines at all.

I am more concerned by the long term side effects.

One of my readers has sent me some really interesting articles I will post.

The first side effect that I am most concerned about is people becoming infertile, especially White women. That seems to be the first real threat.

But someone sent me an article about CANCER being something that can be unleashed by the vaccine. Now that’s nasty. And there is also another disease. I think its called Prion disease which can be unleashed.

So I think DEATH BY INDIRECT MEANS could be a possibility.

I’ll publish the related articles.

As for me, I just believe in Vitamin C and Vitamin D, and will stay the hell away from any COVID vaccines. I want to know what happens after 10 years. I don’t trust anything else.

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