Coming this summer to a theater near you – The Gullibles!

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[Some humor from America. Jan]

Know thy Gullibles!

Here comes Hollywood’s latest movie release about the hilarious antics of a stupid, but somehow loveable family of dysfunctional, white dimwits living in “Detroit Village.” The village is a small farming community that was once a suburb of Detroit, before the devastated black neighborhood was converted back to farmland.

Shlomo Montigue ~ ne ~ Silverstein, stars as Nedlump Gullible, the gangly, uncoordinated father who believes he is a forward thinking conservative, but in reality cannot tie his own shoelaces without help. Nedlump, unintentional master of the malapropism, has lost his job as a garbage man, replaced at the waste management facility by Pablo Soñador, an illegal immigrant played by Sancho-Pacifico-Ramiriz-Montalbán. As a result, Nedlump now spends his days tossing back brews while trying to enlighten his neighbors as to why Joe Biden is the worst president ever. Although Nedlump considers himself intelligent, his actions and his neighbors always prove him wrong.

Marge Gullible, played by Barbra Stristein, is Nedlump’s beehive-hairdoed wife who truly believes she has white privilege, even though her house is a rundown shambles in a former ghetto. Her beautician business has been underplayed by the new East Indian beauty shop down the street and there is now not enough money to pay the bills. Much to Marge’s hilarious distress, she finds she cannot afford to have her daughter’s buck-teeth straightened.

Marge’s daughter Nastina, played by Natalie Neuberg, is the trendy, tattooed, bucktoothed, blond daughter who is always trying something “edgy”, like wearing a thong bikini to class at Trayvon Martin Middle School in Detroit Village. The ensuing frolicking, but restrained, humor displayed by her tolerant Negro classmates is nothing short of a comic tour de force.

Nedlump’s son Neddish, played by Maurice Goldblum, is the nerdy boy who makes everyone wonder, “how could anyone this smart be this stupid?” Neddish’s main problems seem to lie with his myopia, resulting in glasses so thick his eyes are not visible. However, his intellect is also in question. Fortunately, for Neddish, his Negro classmates are always willing to lend a helping hand with his differential calculus and theoretical physics homework.

Tyrone “Tony” Briliants, played by Guillaum Kneebow, steps in as the sagely, lovable Negro neighbor who finds he must constantly intercede to help guide the Gullible’s efforts at resolving their problems, like Nedlump tripping over his own shoelaces. Tyrone’s sagely advice to this conundrum? “If thine shoes offend thee, take ‘em off.” However, since “Tony” actually has a “heart ‘O gold,” he eventually relents and helps Nedlump’s tie his shoelaces.

Bubi Golden, played by Patrick Dwayne Smith, is the thoughtfully reflective retired Jewish nuclear physicist and holocaust survivor who constantly regales the Gullibles (usually during dinnertime) with grim details of how he survived taking showers at Dachau. He invites Nedlump over to view his family’s remains displayed in a small shrine featuring numerous bars of soap with “RJF” prominently engraved on the side.

Never seeming to tire of going over his family ancestry, Bubi points to the soapy remains while solemnly intoning, “And here we see uncle Maury, next to him is his wife Miriam, their son Tahor and daughter Tamei. Nedlump interrupts to naively ask, “Bubi were you any relation to Soapy Sales?”

Nominated for seven Oscars and best picture of the year, this movie is a must see!

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