Church of Creativity: When Whites argue with each other – Unity will come

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[I was chatting to a guy who is very well versed in the Church of Creativity. Jan]

I replied as follows to various comments he made:
@WhiteMansBible Thank you very much for your detailed thoughts. You mention many things I’ve not heard of. It’s very fascinating. I still think Creativity can and should work worldwide. It has the potential but it will take a long time to do these things. There is a LOT of HARD WORK that must be done everywhere. I’m keen to make contact with Wil. What you write about him makes me even more interested in him. BE AWARE: that Whites will have many differing ideas. This is quite natural, and all humans, are the same. It’s probably an evolutionary thing. These different ideas come about for many reasons and Whites fight each other at times – and, in places like the Roman Empire, even the Romans had civil wars against each other. (But I will tell you that Whites are still better at getting along with each other and resolving issues than Blacks for example). The Jews aren’t that fantastic either. But eventually a "main consensus" comes out among Whites. It just takes time, and people will get closer and closer. Creativity is NAZISM and I hate it when people need to duck and dive the issue. NAZISM is absolutely AWESOME. The problem is that Jews and their stupid tools and allies have demonized something that was brilliant. I still see lots of potential in Creativity as a way of bringing Whites together. Whites always think ahead and debate issues that they DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO SOLVE NOW, and then people get bogged down and argue needlessly. They argue about things THEY DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO ACT ON. Whereas in history, when things move forward one day, someone, a leader will have the POWER to make decisions. Our MAIN PROBLEM is that Jews ensure that the White Right is impoverished and under INCESSANT ATTACK. The good news is that it makes us leaner and meaner and harder. As long as people hang in there, we will break out. The White Right has come far – ESPECIALLY in the age of the Internet. It is very alive. re: Orania. One of the biggest problems facing Whites is ECONOMICS. That is a CRITICAL area that is holding everyone back. It’s an area where Hitler pulled off amazing feats. It is one of the tougher issues we face, but it is not insurmountable. We argue because we lack the means to actually just get out there and smash our enemies. So we’re bored and we argue.

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