Chart: Ukrainian Army killed 1,000 Russians yesterday – Lots of Missiles launched… – The amazing Russian KA-52 Helicopter

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[I will, from time to time, publish Ukrainian Army daily statistics so that you can see what the Ukrainians are issuing, and you can then compare it with what happens on the maps, because the MAPS tell the real story. The Russians of course … are ALWAYS WINNING EVEN WHEN THEY ARE RETREATING!!! But when you look carefully at the Ukrainians you’ll see that their military statistics are definitely much more real. They might over estimate some things, but even the CIA and even the UK Ministry of Defense find their data close. As a simple rule of thumb, if you were to take the Ukrainian numbers and divide by about 2.5 or so, you’ll get the same numbers as the CIA estimates. So yesterday, the Ukrainians claimed to have killed 1,000 Russians. This may be due to missile strikes in rear areas. The Ukrainians launched about DOUBLE the number of missile strikes than they normally do daily. They launched a staggering 36 missile strikes and these are normally in the rear. I did get the story of how 300 Russians died. This was in the heavy fighting when they took a village. They managed to SURROUND some Russian troops – which only happens rarely. Then, they were able to kill all of them. The Ukrainian tank kills daily are the lowest I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen tank kills falling below 10 per day. But tanks are also not the most important thing. The ARTILLERY are much more important and they destroyed quite a lot of artillery. Even more important are MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems). And they knocked out some of those. They shot down 1 helicopter. This week they destroyed 4 helicopters. These are those kickass 2 bladed Russian attack helicopters. They’ve been proving to be very deadly, and they were really impacting the Ukrainians. It seems they brought anti-aircraft weaponry forward and managed to shoot some down. I must tell you, I have a serious respect for the Russian twin bladed KA-52 helicopter. That helicopter is actually bloody amazing. The Russians can’t build them anymore because they contain Western technology that Russia no longer has access to. So when they’re shot down the Russians can’t replace them. The Russians have lost about half of them in the war so far. So they are valuable. But the helicopter design is amazing, and normally when a helicopter suffers damage to it’s tail rotor it’s buggered. It begins immediately to spin and it will crash to the ground. But not the KA-52. I saw video footage of one of them flying with most of it’s tail SHOT OFF and it was still flying casually as if everything is ok. It’s actually a bloody excellent design. It’s a difficult helicopter to fly though. It requires a lot of skill to operate. Jan]

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