British citizens urged to leave China – as it happened – My Comments

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[Its interesting that the USA and the UK suggested their people leave. This might not mean it is the end of the world, but they surely must have reason enough to believe it is not safe to stay. Jan]

From 14 hours ago:

Closing summary

  • The head of the World Health Organization has written to all health ministers urging them immediately to improve data-sharing on coronavirus.
  • Britons in China have criticised updated advice from the Foreign Office urging them to leave China if they can.
  • Canada is preparing to repatriate about 300 of its citizens from Wuhan this Thursday.
  • The number of people who have tested negative for the virus in the UK is now up to 414. Two people who have tested positive are in hospital in Newcastle.
  • The death toll in China from the virus has increased to 425, and confirmed cases have passed 20,000. The mortality rate stands at 2.1%.
  • The new hospital in Wuhan, built in 10 days, has accepted its first patients. Macau says it will shut its casinos for two weeks to try to stop spread of virus.
  • Japan has prevented passengers from leaving a cruise ship after a male passenger was found to be infected with the coronavirus when he disembarked in Hong Kong late last month.
  • Taiwan bans entry of foreign nationals who have visited China in previous 14 days.
  • The US has reported its second human-to-human case of transmission. Belgian has reported its first coronavirus case, in a woman who was on a repatriation flight from Wuh


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