Britain’s WAR JEW: Grant Shapps – My Comments


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[This is an important Jew I only discovered today. He wants to increase the UK's military spending – which is a good idea. But I don't like seeing Jews in positions like this. I just want to show you that this guy is 100% Jewish, so he should be watched. Jan]

Early life
Shapps was born on 14 September 1968 in Croxley Green,[citation needed] Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, the son of Beryl and Tony Shapps.[5][6] His family is Jewish.[7] Grant’s brother, Andre Shapps, is a musician who was a member of Big Audio Dynamite (BAD) between 1994 and 1998, playing keyboards. Their cousin Mick Jones was a key figure in British punk rock of the late 1970s and a founding member of both the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite.[8][9][10]

Grant Shapps was educated at Yorke Mead Primary School, Watford Grammar School for Boys, where he achieved 5 ‘O’ Levels, and at Cassio College in Watford, where he studied business and finance.[11] He subsequently completed a business and finance course at Manchester Polytechnic, and received a Higher National Diploma.[11]

Shapps was also National President of the Jewish youth organisation BBYO.[12][13] In 1989, he was involved in a car crash in Kansas, United States, that left him in a coma for a week.[14]


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