Black Racist Race Baiter Joy Reid says White Christian Nationalism Has Consumed GOP

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Aunt Joy graduated from Harvard University in 1991 with a concentration in film studies.

Racist Race Baiter Joy Reid says ‘White Christian Nationalism’ Has Consumed GOP

Posted: May 12, 2022 7:00 PM
Racist Race Baiter Joy Reid says 'White Christian Nationalism' Has Consumed GOP

Leftist MSNBC host Joy Reid blasts “white Christian dominance” when it comes to the foundation of the nation.

In a tweet, Reid, the head of the race police, claimed the Republican Party is aiming to “gain power throughout the government and block out LGBTQ and non-white voices,” except of course for those who “uphold the idea that white Christian dominion as the one true bedrock of America.” 

Without ever providing any true evidence that Republicans and conservatives are racist, Reid continued to tweet that “dominions” or “white Christian nationalism is cultish, sometimes violent, ugly and cruel.” 

Reid likes to seemingly call everyone around her racist, when if fact, you can count on her for always somehow injecting race into everything she talks about.

Further down her Twitter rant, Reid claimed “white Christian nationalism is taking over the GOP and is impacting government institutions throughout society.” 

She also insisted that because of Republicans, Americans “are about to lose so many rights, so fast, many people won’t know what hit them.” 

But what about the country’s freedom of speech rights, and our right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated? Where was she then when the Democrats tried and are still trying to push this on Americans? 

Earlier this year, Reid argued that the Republican Party actually desires a “white nationalist autocracy,” despite the mass number of black Republican voters within the country.

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