Biden Hell: Texas City Declares State Of DISASTER After Biden Dumped 1,500 Illegals With COVID On Them


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[I like the way Texas declares a state of emergency over this Biden crap. What a bag of crap Biden is. Jan]

After over 1,500 illegals with COVID were dumped in their city last week, McAllen, Texas has declared a state of disaster as a result of Biden’s super spreading event at the border.

Of course, us Americans are shamed if we don’t get vaccinated and banished to our homes to mask up with our kids. But thousands of COVID-positive illegals? Come on in!

Bill Melugin reports:

Another reporter asked Melugin how they know the illegals are infected, and he explains that a third party vendor tests them once they are dropped off in McAllen:

How in the world can Biden claim to care about COVID cases on the rise around the country and even ridicule the governors of Florida and Texas for higher cases, when he’s allowing new COVID cases across the border by the truckload???

At this point several Republicans are now calling for Biden to be impeached, and rightly so:

More should join the chorus here because Biden’s reckless border policies, which has resulted in the skyrocketing of human trafficking, a skyrocketing number of drugs crossing the border, and now the skyrocketing of illegals with COVID coming across the border, are putting the lives of many Americans and illegals in jeopardy. It’s long past time for him to go.

The only problem with impeaching Biden, at least in the short term, is that Kamala is worse. And if both of them were somehow impeached, Pelosi is next in line. Talk about living in hell….


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