ATTENTION: HistoryReviewed Readers: Phones broken things on my website – Fixing my website

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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
The 2nd Anglo Boer war is probably the only war where WHITE CHILDREN were the main victims by far! In this video we take a look at the dirty war that the British Army engaged in, in order to crush a tiny army of Dutch-German Farmers (the Boers) here in Africa. We look at photographs and information from that time. We also look at the role of the British Rothschilds and Jews in this war.

I have been pleased to get some feedback from a tiny handful of people who view my website.

I’m very grateful for all feedback and will be asking for more.

There is one nightmarish problem on History Reviewed which I even get from time to time. It is when the website goes weird and you get blue writing on a black background. I’ve tried to recreate this myself but I can’t. It is weird and it happens from time to time.

Many people have complained about it and I’ve tried to fix it without success.

I’m also looking for new themes and other "looks" I can try on my website. There are things I really hate. I will be making more than one copy of my website so that people can try different versions of it. This is what I’m thinking of. I’ve not fully thought it through, but I think this is the best way to go.

I suspect that in the early years of my website, I was mucking around so much and trying so many things, that I must have damaged some kind of settings inside my website. Also I don’t fully trust the theme I am using. It has some nice looking things, but it has many other weaknesses that I hate.

It doesn’t allow you to "page" and to scroll forward page by page.

I have been thinking of ways of trying to fix my website so that I can get away from that horrific blue writing on a black background. That is when the theme/javascript breaks. It should not even be happening.

So this is a shout out to folks who frequent my website and view it with phones or PCs or any other devices. Be aware that I am looking for feedback, thoughts and also people who can look at changes that I make in the coming weeks and months, in order to see if it works properly on other devices.

I really want my website to be "responsive" – the technical term for it to work on all types of devices.

So feedback and thoughts of any kind are welcome. Feel free to leave a message on my contact page.

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Who are we? Boers or Afrikaners? Answer from Dr Mike Du Toit
I had someone write to me about the topic of Boers versus Afrikaners. I decided to approach Dr Mike Du Toit, who was the leader of the Boeremag, and who is a professional academic who is very well versed in our history to answer this. Dr Du Toit not only knows our history in South Africa but also our history in Europe. This was his answer.

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