Asiatic Whites: The Ukraine War: I’m learning more about the Whites of Asia…

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One rather unexpected side-effect of watching the Ukraine War, Russia and Putin is that I’m getting regular exposure to our White Brethren in ASIA. Beyond the borders of Europe … are the Asiatic Whites who stretch across from the West to the far East of Russia. It’s giving me more insights into how they live and what they are like.

They should all definitely be a part of our civilisation, rather than teaming up with the Chinese, etc.

I am struck by some of the poverty among them as well as the hardship of the regions they live in.

I’m finding it interesting, and I do ponder their situation as well as ours and what is the best way for us to all work together and stick together in the long term.

I’m also getting exposure to more detail on modern Russia and I find the Government power as well as the economics and infrastructure very interesting. They live harder lives than Whites in Europe.

In some respects Russia can’t change. It has certain similarities to the time of the Tsar.

I’m appreciating the size of the region that is populated by all these Whites, and some of the small White states that exist there.

We have a LOT of Asiatic brethren indeed.

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