Argentina’s Jew-owned, Jew-controlled President licks Jew feet: Argentina’s Milei Takes Part In Hanukkah Ceremony

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By AFP – Agence France Presse

December 12, 2023

Argentina’s President Javier Milei on Tuesday took part in the Jewish Hanukkah festival in Buenos Aires, vowing the forces of heaven would support Israel "at this moment."

Milei, from a Catholic family, is fascinated with Judaism and has been studying the Torah for a few years. Right after his November election, he visited the tomb of a revered Rabbi in New York.

Wearing a black kippah, he lit the sixth candle of the eight-day festival which sees a nightly lighting of a candelabrum.

"The main lesson is that light prevails over darkness," said Milei.

"We know that the forces of heaven will support Argentina and above all will support Israel at this time. Thank you very much and long live freedom, damn it," he said, finishing with his rallying cry.

Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America, numbering about 250,000 people.

The Hanukkah ceremony was attended by several hostages released by Hamas during a recent ceasefire with Israel, which has unleashed a fierce attack on Palestinians after a brutal Hamas attack that left some 1,200 people dead.

Milei has said he believes in God — whom he insists is a "libertarian" just like him — and claims his preferred brand of "anarcho-capitalism" is in fact the natural order of the world.

He has also said he regularly consults a rabbi and has said he sees Israel as a "natural" ally, along with the United States.

On Sunday during his inauguration, Milei gifted a menorah — the candelabrum with eight branches — to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish.


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