An Important lesson for WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS: Jews are CARPETBAGGERS! – (US Civil War)


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[White South Africans live in a total state of innocence and naivete regarding Jews. They think they are dealing with “The Chosen People of God” and they look up to these people who have a “direct connection with God”. So they bow at the feet of these people. 

The reality is the total opposite. When you study Jewish behaviour, you will see that Jews are completely different. They are in fact the OPPOSITE of what they claim to be. 
Jews only put out PROPAGANDA that serves THEM. They thus create a fake image of what they are and most Christians, who NEVER BOTHER TO STUDY THE JEWS CLOSELY do not know what filth and pathalogical liars these people really are. 
In this world, Jews get up to a LOT of extremely naughty stuff, but in various times, this is widely recognised by whites living in that area. 
After the US Civil war, wherein the honest southerners were defeated by the dishonest northerners… the crushed southerners were then subjected to a wave of “carpetbaggers”. These were mostly JEWS. So you get terms like “carpetbagger” and people not familiar with US history, will not realise that you are dealing with JEWS. 
The south, smashed like the Boers, then had to try to retain control of the territory they were living in. This is where the “dreaded KKK” came from. I will discuss them separately. 
So be aware, that this American term, that you're not really familiar with, is mostly describing JEWS.
MOST JEWISH ACTIVITY IS HIDDEN and the Jews go to great lengths to hide all their crimes and to then run away and start the cycle all over again. This is how the world really works. The whites then sit in ruined countries trying to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. 
We in South Africa have carpetbaggers around too. Many of them. Look at what they own here. Jan]

This is the Wikipedia (Liberal and not accurate) definition of a Carpetbagger, but this will give you an idea of what the term means:-

“Carpetbaggers” redirects here. For other uses, see Carpetbagger (disambiguation).

1872 cartoon depiction of Carl Schurz as a carpetbagger

In the history of the United States, carpetbagger was a derogatory term applied by former Confederates to any person from the Northern United States who came to the Southern states after the American Civil War; they were perceived as exploiting the local populace. The term broadly included both individuals who sought to promote Republican politics (which included the right of African Americans to vote and hold office), and those individuals who saw business and political opportunities because of the chaotic state of the local economies following the war. In practice, the term carpetbagger was often applied to any Northerner who was present in the South during the Reconstruction Era (1863–1877). The term is closely associated with “scalawag“, a similarly pejorative word used to describe native White southerners who supported the Republican Party-led Reconstruction.

White Southerners commonly denounced “carpetbaggers” collectively during the post-war years, fearing they would loot and plunder the defeated South and be politically allied with the Radical Republicans.[1] Sixty men from the North, including educated free blacks and slaves who had escaped to the North and returned South after the war, were elected from the South as Republicans to Congress. The majority of Republican governors in the South during Reconstruction were from the North.

Historian Eric Foner argues:

… most carpetbaggers probably combine the desire for personal gain with a commitment to taking part in an effort “to substitute the civilization of freedom for that of slavery”. … Carpetbaggers generally supported measures aimed at democratizing and modernizing the South – civil rights legislation, aid to economic development, the establishment of public school systems.[2]

Since the end of the Reconstruction era, the term has been used to denote people in analogous historical situations, often to describe people who move into a new area for purely economic or political reasons, despite not having ties to that place.

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