An American reader: Terrible problems with low IQ staff at hospital where his wife was rushed to

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[This is from an American supporter. The poor old guy is having a nightmare. I know the feeling. Been there, when my mother was in hospital and died. I know about incompetence. I had to modify some words. Jan]

This is what he sent to me:

My wife had to be taken from "skilled" (oxymoron) nursing facility to xxxx ER
as the blacks in the "nursing" facility let her blood sugar drop very low and she went
into coma, and the EMT guys saved her life enroute, no thanks to blacks staffing the
facility. I met her in ER (all white professionals) and they got her back and It seems they sent her back
to the black "nursing facility" this morning. We have had serious problems with this
lack of skilled nursing in at least 3 different facilities, xxxx, St. xxxxx and
now St. xxxxx. I could tell you some harrowing stories that almost cost my
wife her life several times due to black staff in these places. With Covid,
I cannot stay with her in room to oversee her care, so it’s even worse now…

We have checked and ALL of these facilities are staffed with cracker-jack box diploma
black staff, with a few token whites thrown in for legal purposes. In past I was
able to stay in room with her 24/7 but the fake Covid fiasco keeps all visitors out
of the picture.

We also observe the hospitals and other "medical" facilities have hired a large
percentage of foreign personnel on various forms of work visas, because they
can get them very cheap and it makes the profits that much higher from billing
Medicare and other insurance programs. The insurance goes along with this
abomination, as they all make money under the table. This eliminates jobs for
skilled white doctors, nurses, technicians, etc., making our present white plight that
much worse.

How long are we going to put up with this new form of white genocide?

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