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[Someone whose known about me for 7 years was quite annoyed with me in the past. Now, over time, he's figured out that there is some merit to my viewpoints, and now he's hunting through my videos, including my old ones. This is a reply I wrote to him below. Jan]

I have done a couple of hundred videos actually. And in them I’ve jumped around on various topics, including having shows.

In a nutshell, all my views are based on history and facts and I’m not interested in spiritual reasoning, etc.

You make the statement for example that "Fascism was wrong". You also need to explain what you are saying. By saying "… is WRONG" – you are making a value judgement. What is "wrong" about fascism? Ask yourself that question. The more I look at history and life, I will tell you, that we are inundated with these "right and wrong" concepts, but in reality you need to ask deeper questions. You do not seem to be Italian, so if you say Fascism is "wrong" why is that? Is that because it is a threat to YOU? What about the Italians?

One thing I’ve learned by studying history is that most of these right and wrong answers are merely propaganda from another nation that is THREATENED by someone else. But, all these movements like the NAZIS and FASCISTS were actually mass movements. The people of those nations WANTED IT.

I am glad that I’ve begun making you think, and that’s good.

About the list of videos. I’ve made hundreds but they are disorganised. I have actually been thinking for a long time about the need to organise them. I do have my own list of all the videos, but I need to look at them. I have been planning for a long time to have some kind special page or pages where they can be viewed.

I will give your request more thought, and maybe I can make something in the coming months. It was my intention to try to sort out a video page before the end of this year. And your email is noted.

regarding videos in parts: I did try videos in parts. It was a long exercise. There were also some series that I did not finish. e.g. Dr Verwoerd. Nowadays, I no longer do series of videos. Instead I pour everything into a single video of 3 hours or even longer. Then that way we don’t have things lying around.

All my videos are on historyreviewed. But the older ones may be harder to find.

I suggest that when you hunt for stuff that you are welcome to give me feedback on things that are missing or things I mention that you can’t find. Then I can see if they really are missing or whether it was something I never completed.

You say you are interested in facts that can show that you were lied to in school. That is amazingly easy to come by these days.

I will end by saying this: When a Government tells you something is right or wrong, it is about whether that thing will affect that Nation/Government. Wars are NOT about RIGHT AND WRONG. It is NOT about GOOD versus BAD. It is about POWER.

In fact, I did a video about it last year: https://historyreviewed.best/index.php/video-audio-no-war-has-ever-been-fought-over-right-vs-wrong/

You must forget about good and bad and right and wrong. At the highest levels of society and civilisation, it is about POWER in all its forms: Military and economic. Nations go to war over the fact that they will lose.

In the case of Britain, Britain has had a policy, for hundreds of years, of working on the "Balance of Power" in Europe. Whenever someone in Europe becomes strong, then Britain with side with the 2nd strongest so that the strongest one never really takes control.

In reality, in this world, Might is Right. But nobody ever says that. They rather tell the people: These people are good and those people are bad. And if they need to convince you of this they will find the necessary data to prove it. Or, in some cases they might lie.

There is a wonderful quote, I think from Goering, that he said at Nuremburg, about how the Governments set the policy of the people. Sadly, I can’t remember the exact quote. See if you can find it.

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