A Black Man living in Zimbabwe answers: Was Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) better off under white rule?

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[This is from a question and answer session on the Internet and this is what a Black in living in Zimbabwe now has to say. Jan]

Personally, as a Zimbabwean who grew up in this political regime up to this day, I can safely say the white rule had some drawbacks but at least they had an idea of how to run a country. This hellhole ain’t worth living in anymore.

Rhodesia had the highest literacy rate of blacks in Africa. It was seen as the most prosperous country in Africa leading to prosperity under Ian Smith’s leadership.

Quoting Morgan Tsvangirai Former Prime minister of Zimbabwe, “If Smith was a black man, I would say that he was the best Prime Minister that Zimbabwe ever had”

Look at Zimbabwe now the economy is non-existent, brutal repression of dissidents Hyperinflation, and a Marxist dictatorship lead by senile old men. How is living under such a brutal dictatorship better than under European rule?

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-happened-to-all-of-the-Selous-Scouts-after-the-fall-of-Rhodesia

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