A BIG SURPRISE ABOUT The Mixed Race liar Jussie Smollett who staged a fake race attack on himself


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Video: WTA03: The White End Game: How Portugal and S.Africa almost conquered all of Southern Africa
In this video we look at the amazing plans of South Africa and Portugal to beat the Blacks in Africa. The results of their efforts still stand to this day, and nobody notices it.

Just a quick note to folks about Jussie Smollett. The mixed race/black guy who claimed White racists came after him. He staged the attack on himself. And now some people are asking things like:

(a) How come we were so dumb to believe this. (Tucker Carlson at Fox News).
(b) Why isn’t he being charged with perjury?

Well, I did a bit of looking into Smollet’s background and … his father is … JEWISH!!!

So he might be a mixed race Jew, or at least fathered by a Jew.

So that might help to explain a lot of stuff about all the weirdness that surrounds him!!!

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2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa
This was an article I published from a White pathologist in S.Africa. AIDS and TB combine to kill lots of Blacks. The pathologist sent me some really interesting info in this article.

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