2 Pics: Australian Jews spitting blood over Miss Hitler 2020 competition: Its an Incitement to murder!!! Holocaust!!!

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[Hahahaha. I'm LMAO. When the Jews are spitting blood, you know you're doing the right thing. The race of drama queens and practised liars are hating this. This delights me! I am keen to see which young lady is Miss Hitler!! And of course, the drama queens are saying this is a licence to murder, blah blah, holocaust, 6 gorillion, gas chambers, etc, etc. Hahahaha. Yeah, f*ck them. Look at the poster of lovely white girls doing the Roman salute! I love it! I was looking at past winners. There was even a German girl who won the contest and a British girl. The British girl was pretty kick ass. Her name is Alice Cutter. They hauled her in court. I'm not sure if she's doing jail time. But I see this has been going on at least since 2014. This is excellent. And from this, ladies and gents, we have the beginnings of a new Pan European unity. All I'll say it: Heil Miss Hitler! Jan]

‘Sickening, vile’: Outrage over Miss Hitler pageant

‘This ugly display of abject antisemitism once again demonstrates that there are extremists groups out there that are determined to recruit young people to their dangerous cause’.

By AJN STAFFMay 4, 2020, 7:03 pm 0

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An advertisement for the 'Miss Hitler 2020' competition.An advertisement for the ‘Miss Hitler 2020’ competition.

THE Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has appealed to the GoDaddy.com web hosting company to take down the domain of the site running the “Miss Hitler 2020” pageant, calling it “an incitement to murder”.

The competition encourages women to enter by posting sexy Nazi-themed photos together with an entry explaining why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler”.

The ADC said the competition was now on the World Truth Historical Revisionism website, a domain hosted by GoDaddy.com.

Stating that this competition and the content of the website violate GoDaddy’s own terms against hate speech, ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich lamented, “The words sickening and stomach-churning do not even come close to describe this abomination.

“In fact, it’s hard to imagine anything more vile, and this vomit-inducing salute to Hitler by ‘Final Solutionists’ is an incitement to murder, pure and simple.”

He added, “This ugly display of abject antisemitism by Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis once again demonstrates that there are extremists groups out there that are determined to recruit young people to their dangerous cause.”

The website urged women to send in their pictures between August 8 and September 3, and said the winner would be judged by a popular online vote.

In previous years women sent in photographs of themselves performing Nazi salutes, at neo-Nazi rallies, or posing with Nazi memorabilia.

Abramovich said these sites were “emboldening people to target and intimidate Jewish and other communities”.

Source: https://ajn.timesofisrael.com/sickening-vile-outrage-over-miss-hitler-pageant/

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