2 Photos: Insane Jewish America: Can you believe this is an ADMIRAL???

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6 Pics: When South Africa was White and VIBRANT! - The Hanging building!
This building still exists in Johannesburg. It was already built and looking great in the mid-1980s when I came to work in Johannesburg. Someone back then told me that the floors of this building are hanging. I did not quite know what to think of it, but its design is strange and when you look at the bottom, youll see the whole building is held up by a central column. (Just like those buildings of 911).

[Just when you think America’s Jewish madness can’t get more insane … it does. Personally, I find this disgusting. But don’t worry. The entire edifice will fall apart as “Liberalism” heads into the most insane levels of absurdity. Normal people won’t be able to take this nonsense as it continues. If you ever understand the military, in White/European terms and what the military means, and what those ranks actually mean … then you’ll know this is pure crap. (BTW, in South Africa we’ve had the same thing happen with the Blacks – but that’s another story). Jan]

Can you believe that this … below…

Is now this? I’m sure every White male who ever was in the US Military must surely be disgusted:

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

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