WW2: The most OUTRAGEOUS Jewish lie about NAZI Holocaust EVER!

[This was posted on Gab. I was reading the booklet, Did 6 Million really die? They explain, using careful statistics and references that of the 6 million or so Jews in Europe+Russia in WW2, that there were no more than 3-3.5 million in Europe when the German armies had conquered much of Europe (in self defence I might add). This is because most Jews left Germany, and many left Europe BEFORE WW2 began!

So keeping that statistic in mind, check this Jewish claim … not just the 6 million … but claimed for ONE CAMP! This is the most OUTRAGEOUS Jewish lie EVER about the holocaust!

Admit it, there’s no bullshit like Jewish bullshit!

The Jews are still claiming, and this is itself a farce that 900,000 Jews were killed at Treblinka! I’ve looked into the Treblinka stuff … I reckon the total number of Jews killed at Treblinka=ZERO! Notice this lie comes from the Soviet Union, from Russia, where Jews started their communism! Jan]

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