WW2: DRESDEN 1945: Britain lied to its bomber Pilots because they were so scared of the Germans! The Myth of Scarecrow Shells!!


[I will discuss this more in the #TeamWhite video about the Dresden bombing where Alex Linder, Alfred Schaefer & I discuss the despicable firebombing of Dresden. In that video you’ll see a number of pieces of footage of the actual firebombing. In there you’ll hear the British and American audio about “the Scarecrow shells”. In fact, in one of the pieces of film footage they attribute the Scarecrow shells to Goebbels! But Dr Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda (truth actually)! He had NOTHING to do with weapons development! How can they claim that he was behing the “Scarecrow shells?”

Its pure nonsense. I noted on the bottom of one of the videos I downloaded that the channel owner said that he had investigated these “scarecrow shells” and discovered that they don’t actually exist. They never existed.

I discovered another serious website where they said the same thing. They say that the British Pilots and crews were so afraid of flying into Germany at night to bomb that the military lied to them! It turns out that what little determined German resistance was left in the form of ack ack guns and even night fighters, was scaring the British crews. So when a plane loaded with bombs was hit and the entire bomb load exploded killing all the crew, the British told their pilots and crew that this was a NAZI secret weapon from Dr Goebbels called a “scarecrow shell!”

So when you see the actual film footage of them firebombing Dresden, just remember those extremely bright explosions are British aircraft exploding entirely … everyone dead! So remember, even as the NAZIS were being overwhelmed by everyone from across the planet the GERMAN SUPER-MEN were taking quite a lot of them down!! So it was not as if the Germans were just standing by and letting their women and children be murdered! What few of them were left were fighting like maniacs the way that white men everywhere must learn to fight in defence of our race! Below is what “Pathfinder Craig” wrote about the myth of the scarecrow shells.

So the Germans could shoot down planes with shells that were tracerless. So you couldn’t see the shell in the night sky. But it could hit a bomber and cause the entire bomb load to explode!!

The Super-men were really super-men and they fighting like crazy in the face of overwhelming global Jewish war on their tiny nation! Let that be a LESSON to ALL white men out there! 14/88 Jan]

Youtube: The Scarecrow Shells did NOT exist.

Here’s a short video about the Dresden bombing and in it you’ll see “scarecrow shells” which are actually EXPLODING BRITISH BOMBERS that German night fighters were shooting down using Schräge Musik (oblique music), which was a special type of upward pointing gun on German night fighters!!!

Below the above video the channel owner wrote this:

About the “Scarecrow” Bombs

I am by no means an expert on things such as this, but from what I have been able to find out, these bombs did not exist. The consensus seems to be that these explosions were the result of a malfunctioning bomb fuse that caused the bomb to detonate and destroy the aircraft in midair. Other theories are that the explosions were a result of a flak hit to the bomb bay of the plane or from a Luftwaffe night fighter with Schräge Musik upward firing autocannons shooting down the bomber. However, neither of these are present in the video (at the 4:24 mark) when the Lancaster is shown being destroyed during the footage of the daylight raid. Additionally, no German records have surfaced of such a weapon having been developed.

Public domain footage from Staff Film Reports No. 46 produced by the US Army Signal Corps’ Army Pictorial Service.

Scarecrow Shells – the Myth

A brilliant explosion blossomed out before me, so intense that all around turned black in contrast to it’s glaring colours. The nucleus seemed suspended, burning on our course, while subsidiary explosions spewed smoke-tailed fireballs out like rockets, and showers of green, white, red and golden light fell slowly from it’s midst.  Stiff with fright, and so blinded that I couldn’t read the instruments, I tried to reconcile the phenomenon with normality. I told myself : ‘This is a scarecrow flare, the type we’ve been told about. It doesn’t frighten me .’  But still it fascinated me…flinching in my seat, I flew through the burning embers of that awful airborne pyre ‘.

‘Scarecrow’ ?
“Scarecrow” shells was a myth propagated by Bomber Command to attempt to reassure night bomber crews who were absolutely shattered by the vast number of aircraft losses they witnessed on each mission.  The losses really were that high and that frequent but this was one method used to avoid admitting the reality as to the losses of other squadrons on the same mission.

The July 24th / 25th 1944 raid against Stuttgart and Donges during which 26 aircraft were lost, and where this explanation was prevalent.  This of 461 Lancaster’s and 153 Halifax’s sent to Stuttgart alone  It was for them, a shocking and unforgettable moment in time during that war. The night raid was intensely dark, and long, being routed far south into France in clear skies before turning into Germany and the “Scarecrows” were clearly visible from long distances away.  That some of the most spectacular “Scarecrows” were Pathfinders that were hit by flak into the bomb loads, which were loaded with different coloured target illuminators and flares.

‘…many German fighters entered the bomber stream soon after the German frontier was crossed near Bremen. The German fighters scored steadily until the Dutch coast was crossed on the return flight. 11 of the ( 38 ) aircraft lost were Pathfinders. ‘
Source: https://masterbombercraig.wordpress.com/bombing-operations/scarecrow-shell-myth/

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