Video: Age of Treason: Jewshock: Jews at work: BioShock: The Ethnic Struggle


[From Tan Staafl. This is about a video game and the message underneath it … Jews as victims of Whites. An analysis of Jews slipping Jewish junk into an important video game. Jan]

Tan Staafl wrote:-

I’m shocked, bioshocked, to discover that a cabal of jews made a video game not so subtly psychopathologizing Whites, portraying jews as victims of Whites, and shifting blame for jewing onto Whites.

Excellent decoding and analysis by American Krogan. Starts gently but pulls no punches. A disturbing glimpse into the minds of jews. Naive goyim will find it eye-opening. Perfectly sensible at 1.5 speed if you’re already familiar with jewing.

Here’s the video:

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