WW2: 1939: Did Russia attack Poland on the side of Germany? – The Jewish controlled British & French

[A reader sent me a question. Jan]

I’d like to know,did Russia attack Poland on the side of Germany? Thanks. I’m reading one article about it, but if you say no I will stop reading this. I just find that side, so I don’t know, if to trust

My Answers:

Yes, Russia also attacked Poland on the side of Germany. This was because Hitler struck a deal with Russia and they agreed to partition Poland. Hitler’s move was clever and it is similar to things like this which have been done in Europe many times before in past centuries. So for a time the Soviet Union, which was under Jewish control, was his ally – though he hated them.

Of course, notice how, ONLY GERMANY GETS THE BLAME for attacking Poland. The Jewish controlled British and French (with the USA in the background), seized on this moment to declare war on Germany, while not having any intention of actually saving the Poles.

But the critical aspect is to realise that Germany AND Russia attacked Poland, but ONLY WAR IS DECLARED ON THE GERMANS! That should show you how contrived and fake the entire matter was.

Another thing which is also swept under the carpet and forgotten is that the Poles (most likely at the instigation of Jews inside Poland), murdered 54,000 German civilians living in Poland. What they DON’T TELL YOU is that this is the REAL REASON Hitler invaded Poland. He couldn’t stand by and watch them butchering German civilians in hideous ways.

Keep in mind that the USA went to war over: (a) Pearl Harbour for about 3,000 dead (b) 911 for about 3,000 dead. So you can’t accuse Hitler of NOT BEING PATIENT. Well over 50,000 Germans were dead when he couldn’t take it any more.

If you dig deeper you will find that the Americans and the British were working behind the scenes looking for reasons to create a war with Germany. And even when the French were knocked out, and despite many offers of peace by Hitler the British, once they had their (fake) excuse, REFUSED ALL OFFERS OF PEACE.

I’ve read part of Churchill’s memoirs, and he stated that he was carrying on the war in the hope of new things that could change Britain’s fortunes. It is my view that Churchill’s real goal was to bring America into the war again, just as the Jews helped this to happen in WW1. I have done a video about this called: How Churchill made the Americans hate the Germans. There was a full campaign of propaganda and lies which Roosevelt allowed Churchill to run inside the USA.

JFK’s father was the US Ambassador to London and he was DISGUSTED by all the endless contrived efforts to create war with Germany.

In my own researches, I discovered something I have yet to publish – that the Jews, who also control all the FreeMason Lodges in the world, sent out an order to the FreeMasons in about 1935 to find ANY MEANS TO CREATE A WAR AGAINST GERMANY AT THE SOONEST!!!

I have this in writing.

WW2 was totally contrived and it happened because the Jews, since 1933, set out to destroy Hitler by all means.


The Jews hated Hitler and they knew that he would never accept their nonsense. He was too logical and too decent and far too clever to be fooled. So the Jews realised that for the first time ever they had an IMPLACABLE WHITE MAN WHO COULD NOT BE CORRUPTED OR SCARED. They thus set out, by all means to DESTROY HIM.

Hitler was incorruptible. He was far too clever to be fooled by Jewish garbage. He was also far too loyal to his own people to ever sell them out.

Thus he had to be destroyed.

That in a nutshell is why WW2 took place.

The Jews ran around manipulating the British, French and Americans to make all sorts of dumb moves that resulted in the West not only destroying Europe, but also aiding Jewish Bolshevism in Russia.

Jews and Jewish Communism were the BIG WINNERS OF WW2, and Europe and the European race were the big losers.

To be frank, the European race have been BIG LOSERS for the last 76 years Globally as a result of this Jewish power which grew out of WW2.

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